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Steve Beckow - An Introduction To Ascension

 This Is A Must-Read From Uncle Steve; Keep It Simple, Comrades...DT the ET

Posted On December 5, 2012 By Steve Beckow

SaLuSa of Sirius’s message today was most encouraging, detailing as it did the steady rise in consciousness that will be kicked off by 12/12/12. And the news of a possible global Disclosure and flyover before Ascension is welcome as was his review of some of the changes we can expect after Ascension, as we continue to evolve further.

He then asks lightworkers to be prepared to gently spread the word about what it is that’s happening. He says:

“People will soon start talking amongst themselves about the Ascension process, having heard that something major is due to take place. There will be some confusion as they will not know who to turn to for the truth. As Lightworkers you can come into your own and gently spread the word, taking care not to overdo the ‘end time’ scenario.

“Too many people have latched on to the ‘end of the world’ stories, without being told that the end simply signals a new beginning. The new Earth awaits you and will as previously supply your needs that will be quite different to what you have now” (1)

So let me now, as a lightworker, introduce what’s coming up for those who are just now awakening to the news.

We stand at the end of a cycle in planetary, but also universal, history. What’s going to end is not life itself, not history, but a particular condition of consciousness called “duality.”
This type of consciousness sees differences between people and can extend itself into seeing a need to protect oneself so as to ensure for oneself the necessities of life, etc. Dualistic consciousness is often called separative consciousness and it’ll be coming to an end soon, to be replaced by unitive consciousness, the knowledge that we are all one.

So these “end times” will see the end of dualistic consciousness and the beginning of global unity, peace and harmony.

Many, many agents of change are here all around the planet to assist us with this shift in consciousness, a shift that will be happening around the universe. We’re being bombarded with light from higher-dimensional beings and other planets and stars. And our level of consciousness is rising even as our bodies are transforming from carbon base to crystalline base, more strands of DNA are coming online, and other changes that will allow us to ascend by raising our consciousness level.

This change has been known by many names over the ages, but the name that’s most used at present is “Ascension.” We’re ascending, apparently on Dec. 21, 2012. And, along the way, we’ll experience marked rises in our levels of consciousness on dates like Dec. 12, 2012. Other events will be happening, such as the disclosure of some of the star brothers and sisters from friendly space nations who are here around the planet helping us at this time.

Still other events may include the introduction of financial abundance, either soon or after Ascension, the descent of certain cities of light which presently exist on higher-dimensional planes but will at some point be apparent in our physical plane, etc.

Ascension is available to all who choose it and have assimilated sufficient light to hold the energy levels needed to exist in a higher vibration. There’s no selection process, no other criteria than these, and allowance is made for latecomers, etc.

Those who haven’t assimilated sufficient light by Dec. 21, 2012 may still ascend after more clearing is done with the help of those who are here to help us generally.  This is not some kind of occasion where a God with a white beard sits on a judgment seat or anything like that. This is a joyous celebration of our return to higher levels of consciousness which we had before we agreed to participate in the experiment of duality.

There are many sources on the Internet today that discuss the ins and outs of Ascension. This blogsite, the 2012 Scenario,, is one of them, but just one. It has a library of articles on Ascension in the righthand column.

There are compendiums such as the First Contact database ( that tell all about what will happen.

It’s probable that you have only to enter “Ascension 2012″ in Google to find many other sources of information. But do be selective. Any site that raises fear in you is probably not a reliable site because there’s nothing to fear from Ascension.

In fact there’s nothing to fear from the trend direction that we’re headed in, either now or later. You can see that peace is gradually descending on the world. You may have noticed that you feel happier and more settled as time goes on. And this will continue as we approach what’s being described as a “Golden Age” for Earth.

Here’s a source that can assist you to come up to speed: Handbook on Ascension at

And here’s a discussion group where you can get your questions answered: The 2012 Scenario discussion group at

Congratulations on becoming aware of what’s happening.  Come join us or another group preparing for these wonderful events.

None of us have anything to lose except our fears and limitations. And all of us have everything to gain.


(1) SaLuSa, Dec. 5, 2012 at

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