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The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes: Fourth and Fifth Density, Gaia’s Grid of Light and Humanities Life-Path Review

 Serious Nerd Alert - Wading Through A Sea Of "Dear Souls" Will Bring Great Insight As This Message Is A Rich And Timely One - DT the ET
Channeled through Wes Annac -On December 13, 2012
You are recalibrating yourselves as you reach pure states of consciousness, perception and awareness that serve to initiate you further into your higher dimensional experience. We are working with each one of you to help you better assimilate the energies you are absorbing unto yourselves and benefitting from at this time, and you are and have been undergoing a literal transformation from one state of perception to another.

The changes in perception many of you are beginning to find can be considered quite extraordinary, as you are peeking into realms beyond your conscious perception and finding a supreme upliftment and enlightenment from each peek you allow yourselves.

Your month December is brimming with energy and all that you will find within yourselves will initiate you further into an elevated state of consciousness, which you will find resulting from the work you have all put into your ascension processes.

Whilst many of you have struggled along your Life paths, we and you alike can feel that matters on your world and in your personal Lives are leading to an ultimate revolution of mind and heart. We are able to watch you absorb and assimilate continually-purer energies unto yourselves as you find them in yourselves, and what we find when looking upon your Earth experience is that many of you are finding the higher realms all around you and yet, some don’t seem to realize it.

Understand and know that all that you experience at this time is paving the road for the higher realms to come forth and be known more fully within yourselves, and understand that you are the driving force bringing your higher dimensional reality to you and as such, it is important to allow yourselves the necessary clarity and understanding in your Lives.

You are constructed of the very higher dimensional energy making its way to you now and you have the full ability to access it, so you must take the necessary “leap of faith” and allow yourselves to believe and know that what you experience in your every days Lives is not the same old physicality over and over again but is in fact, a continual sign of the road you are paving with each effort, toward the higher realms.

You are finding your higher dimensional experience and we quite enjoy watching you find these realms in your own ways by undergoing unique and individual lessons along your Life paths, and we should express that when existing within the higher realms once again, all worries and tribulations fade away and you experience only pure joy and bliss.

Every worry and concern you dear souls may have whilst you undergo a temporary and finite lower dimensional Earth experience, simply fades away in the supreme and wonderful Light of our Creator which is easily accessible in the realms of the fifth dimension and beyond. [The Earth collective] will be traveling through the realms of the fourth dimension, and the plan for your travels throughout the fourth dimension entails you learning fourth dimensional lessons whilst you help to repair the condition your world is in.

You will zoom quite quickly through the realms of fourth density depending on your ability to assimilate and work through lessons you will be given as a collective, and you are to be quickly initiated into the realms of the fifth dimension where you will see and feel once again all around you, the wonderful vibrations of Source as they pervade and permeate every aspect of your grand, Divine structure of Being.

Each one of you is the Creator in a third [and fourth] dimensional form and whilst you have been split and divided, your inherent unity has always been and will always be felt and known. Humanity has temporarily forgotten their connection to each other but your unity will be made known to you all in the time ahead, as will the importance of establishing it within your Earth collective and finding it once again.

There was a time when the entire collective of Earth experienced enormous benefits while Living on this wonderful, higher dimensional planet, as all were united in peace and harmony with the one goal of helping other Galaxies and Universes to find ascension.

The Earth was at a time, a hub for the Light Forces who were and are working with every facet of ourselves to help many other planets, Galaxies and Universes to ascend, and the surface of Earth reflected the higher dimensionality that was prevalent and established as normal on Her surface by the Light Forces inhabiting such surface.

Each one of us who existed on your Earth before the darkness began making itself known on Her surface performed much work to help many other planets ascend that are at present, brimming examples of higher dimensional planets. The races of such planets we have helped to ascend are a part of the Galactic Federation and numerous other Lighted Organizations who are helping to see-out the ascension of the Earth and again, a plethora of other worlds in preparation for the Universal ascension that we are all undergoing.

The ascension of the Universe has not yet been spoken of very much within a plethora of channeled communications and suffice to say, the ascension of the Earth is a very key factor in the ascension of the Universe hosting the Earth because again, the Earth was originally a beacon for the Light forces and instead became taken-over by the energies and heart sets that feed darkness.

The darkness that has been established on the Earth hurt Gaia to Her very core and almost saw Her needing to exit Her planetary incarnation and as such, the complete revival of dearest Gaia and Her and your ascension as well, will cause a great and grand ripple-effect throughout the entire Universe and this very ripple-effect will help a plethora of other planets and even Galaxies to ascend.

Yes, dear souls, your ascension is that strong and that important.

While being so important to the ascension of the entire Universe, the ascension of your planet is also completely assured and though it was already assured form the beginning, a strong indication of the assurance of the victory of the Light is the surrender and transfer to the side of the Light, of the Annunaki.

The mass migration of the Light Forces unto the Earth and the resulting Light you have all brought forth has helped the Light Forces to establish a Grand Grid of Light upon and within Gaia, and this grid is working from the template of the previous grid that was established whenever Gaia was first birthed as a planet, with the added newer Light of each and every one of you who are incarnate on Her surface for the very purposes of anchoring the Light that is bringing Gaia out of darkness and helping each and every one of you to ascend.

You have all added your own personal touches to the Light you have given through yourselves and used to help establish and feed the grid of Light upon dearest Gaia at this time and for this, the entire Universe thanks you; for you have performed the greatest miracles of all.

You have all helped to see-out the ascension of Gaia in the most grand and marvelous of ways and we can feel the anticipation and the excitement of many of you for matters to “get off the ground” and start moving, but we wish you to know that the change you are and have been Creating will see the outcome you have desired and worked toward for so very long. You have to believe in and know that what you are doing is real to experience the benefits of your actions and we know you dear souls can feel the reality of what you are doing, for you are being given endless validations from the realms of full consciousness.

You are all on Earth from the realms of full consciousness and you are extensions of the higher dimensional oversoul that is hosting your lower dimensional experience. You are an extension of your higher self and this is why the importance of connecting with your higher self could not be expressed enough, because by doing so you are finding and establishing a link with a greater and more knowledgeable part of your Self whom you can bask in the sheer Light and knowledge of.

You can find a quite literal home with your higher self and as you are extensions of the ultimate oversoul-consciousness of your higher self, the connection you will find will see you completely limitless in your ability to feel, know and express your multi-dimensionality.

You are multidimensional and multifaceted beings by nature and everything that you do in your Lives is seeing you interact with a reflection of yourselves in one way or another. This is especially true in your dream time, and you are continually given messages in your dreams that are pertinent to where you dear souls are at along your Life paths at any given moment.

Your dreams are used to give you encoded and encrypted signs and messages for you to remember, decode and understand and if you employ too much density within your Earthly Lives, you will be inhibited in remembering and benefitting from your dreams which are again, meant to help you and give you advice along your paths.

There are a great few things still holding many souls back from finding the higher realms within themselves and most of the blockages that many experience are the results of Earthly things that they can fully get away from and experience the benefits of the higher realms through a much less distorted lens after doing so. We wish for those who are still employing Earthly densities in their Lives to know that the hollow nature of your very [perceived] need for such things will be made known to you as you climb the higher realms more and more, and see how easy it is to interact with your reality by turning within.

Each of you are finding an awakening in your own individual and unique ways and we say that your “surrender” so to speak to the energies and realities of the higher realms will see you as uninhibited as you have wanted to be, in finding and feeling the higher dimensions of consciousness for yourselves. Our very jobs and missions as guides and helpers are to see you dear souls able to ascend individually whilst bringing massive amounts of incredibly-pure Light through yourselves, and we have watched as you absorbed every last bit of Light necessary for Gaia to ascend.

You see, when it comes to the ascension of dearest Gaia there is a delicate balance in play; as Earthly conduits are needed to funnel-through the energies of the higher realms that are being made known increasingly on your world at this time, as well as transmute the density that has been manifested and fed on your Earth for so very long.

As such, the voluntary incarnation of each and every one of you unto the Earth sees you naturally the Light-beacons and “transmuters” of the collective dense energy.

At all times you are funneling through yourselves, two different and distinct types of energy in varying frequencies. You are funneling through, absorbing and feeling increasingly-pure Light within yourselves that is helping you to ascend in the rapid fashion that is necessary for the ascension of the Earth and you are as well, experiencing and funneling-through some of the densest of Earth energies as you confront such energies head-on and transmute them with your Light. This can account for the temporary periods of depletion in many dear souls, and such depletion can be attributed to your absorbing of incredibly-pure Light as well.

This is one of many reasons you have been asked to take yourselves easy and treat yourselves lightly during these delicate yet intense processes. You are doing something that has rarely been done before because as has been expressed endlessly, the ascension of the Earth is occurring in a very rapid fashion; one that is rarely attainable on a third dimensional planet or on any planet, and this is yet another reason that the ascension of the Earth will affect multiple Galaxies and Universes.

We know of the density you dear souls are going through; we have felt them to our own extents when looking upon your Earth experience but we ask you now to turn-away from the densities of the Earth experience that you are transmuting with increasing grace and ease, and know that while you are indeed confronting such vibrations continually, you do not have to let them affect your perception in ways that see you taken off of your intended paths.

You are meant and intended to find the higher realms and ascend along with the Earth this time around and the majority of you have already built up enough positive karma and attached enough positive energy to yourselves with your mere incarnation and continual experience of the Earth as you transmute densities that would serve to block the Lighted energies you are bringing through yourselves.

This is why you are transmuting such energies as you bring incredibly-pure Light through yourselves, dear souls; because such dense energy would continue to stand in the way of the Light energies permeating the surface of the Earth and making themselves known in the ways that each one of us would like to see them made known.

Your dearest Earth has never radiated with the higher vibrations of Source more, and the various realms of the Earth are experiencing continual upgrades as each realm inches closer to the higher realms that your world has always intended to exist within naturally.

We can look upon what you would best know as “future” timelines wherein you are all rebuilding the condition your world is in, and we can say happily that your experience is to be so very fulfilling and while you will be given much help and assistance, we can see already that humanity will come together as a sovereign and sentient collective species and “take the reins” so to speak, quite quickly.

You will all remember the natural abilities you all hold within and you will remember the advanced technology you will be given that will help you to realize and feel the reality of what such technology will help you to perform, and you will find yourselves quite easily able to repair your world and find the collective harmony and unity that so many of you are striving for.

At present, many of you are starting many campaigns to see unity and oneness spread across your world and we salute each and every effort made by each and every dear soul to spread unity, peace, oneness, harmony and collective sustainability in any ways you can.

You dear souls are quite literally anchoring the higher realms and the very latent concepts that drive a higher dimensional experience with your efforts in permeating the collective consciousness with the ideas and concepts driving the higher realms, and we thank you tremendously for getting the truth of the higher realms out to the collective of Earth.

This is what you have come to do, dear souls, and you are doing it so very wonderfully and expertly.
Let all pains fade away as you realize that pain is illusory and the very experience of pain is only meant to help one appreciate when pain isn’t prevalent within oneself. That is the beauty of the higher realms, dear souls; we are able to experience pure joy and bliss as a constant and yet, we are still incredibly thankful for the joy and bliss that we feel in every everlasting moment of Now.

We are thankful for the energies we are able to bring through ourselves and interact with and we are especially thankful for the energies we are able to funnel down to the collective of Earth and see you all vastly benefit from, as you absorb such energies within yourselves.

It is so wonderful to watch you continue to peel and integrate the layers of illusion and egotistical density that tend to be fed on the Earth even at this very moment and while many of you can at times look around at the Earth collective and feel that change could not possibly come about because of the latent density still fed in much of humanity, we say that all will indeed know of ascension in the time ahead and everybody will be given the full opportunity to ascend.

We have not been the first souls to say this, dearest hearts. This issue has been discussed by plenty of sources before and we simply wish to build-upon the discussion of the reasons that everyone on your world will be able to ascend.

The fabled disclosure announcements that many of you have heard so much about, are much more deeply-rooted and multifaceted than many souls realize.

It has been known for a long time on your world that at a certain determined time toward the end of your cycle of Pisces, humanity as a collective would be informed of all of their history as it was known and seen ahead of time that the illusions cast upon the minds and hearts of humanity would be quite prevalent by the end of your lower dimensional cycle.

It was seen and known that many would still be entrapped within the Earth densities that serve to blind one’s mind and heart temporarily and when it comes to any planetary or even individual ascension, the time eventually comes during such an ascension for an individual or collective to undergo a review of their Lives and experiences using the Akashic Records.

The disclosure announcements that have been so heard of and discussed will be a facet of the collective Life path-review that will be provided with the use of the Akashic Records and this is one reason it has been expressed that no stone will be left unturned in relation to the informing of humanity.

The disclosure announcements will be a facet of humanities collective Life path-review before your entrance into the higher realms.

This has rarely been discussed through channels and has been kept occult for understandable reasons up to this point but with the many recent developments occurring that you of course do not yet hear of and can only receive glimpses of news about, we are finding much more of an ease in expressing many truths to humanity that we would not have previously been able to express for various reasons.

The cabals are truly on their last legs and there is nothing they can do to prevent the Light from moving ahead with our agenda of helping you all to find the realms of full consciousness once again by first telling you of the true history of your world and releasing every last bit of what has been hidden from you, and we ask you dear souls to ready yourselves for truths and revelations that will shock you.

We aren’t going to say that these revelations may shock you or could shock you – we know that they will but ultimately, you will be glad you had learned such things as it is better to know truths that may make you temporarily sad than to be blinded from such truths forever and experience an ignorance that blocks one from the reality of an unfiltered Life experience.

You dear souls would be quite surprised to learn just how filtered your experience of Life is at present and while many of such filters have been instated unto yourselves by you, the cabals are not without their roles in manufacturing a false society based on pure hollowness.

They have orchestrated the realities of many dear souls who find themselves comfortably entrapped within the mechanisms and Life path-patterns created by the cabals to lure as much of humanity into density as possible, and this is another reason that we in the higher realms are supremely-thankful for every one of you who are incarnate upon the surface of dear Gaia and we truly cannot express to you enough, the good that you are doing.

We cannot express this to you enough because you have Created such marvelous change upon your world and yet, you do not quite see this change reflected in your outer world and this has caused some to think that all they are working toward is for naught, and we can promise you dear souls that it is not.

What you are doing at this time is setting the stage for not just a planetary ascension, but a Universal ascension of magnificent proportions and we ask you to simply imagine each realm of dear Gaia Lighting up with your Lighted energy and experiencing an ascension that is just unparalleled.

You are going to enjoy your collective and individual experiences of ascending so much and you are to see the results of your many, many Lighted endeavors upon the surface of the Earth.

We remind you that many of you have experienced thousands of Lives upon the surface of dear Gaia and as such, the magnificent Lighted change you are Creating in your current Live did not just start in such Lives and rather, you have all been Creating and laying the framework for change within every time period of Gaia’s history, since the fall of Atlantis and well before even the establishment of Atlantis and Lemuria.

You are all Lightworkers, Light bearers and Light warriors and you have worked with all of yourselves in a plethora of connected Lives and experiences, to see-out the building of the new framework that would form Gaia’s current gird of Light.

You strived and struggled throughout a plethora of different experiences, and in many Lives you were persecuted and laughed at for the Light you attempted to bring-forth but you brought such Light forth and through yourselves anyway quite happily and the result of this, dear souls, has been the grand establishment of the pure Light grid of dear Gaia that you are now working toward feeding as exponentially as possible with your wonderful, shining Lighted energies.

The hard part of your job is done, dearest souls and you are now working toward pumping-up the purity of energies expressed on Gaia’s surface and fed and funneled through Her wonderfully-established Light grid.

We Love you all so very much and as we make our final impressions for this communication, we remind you that you have the full opportunity and ability to access the higher realms and that your only instated barriers are the ones you form within yourselves. We will continue to remind you of this as will plenty of other sources in the higher realms, as it is the most important truth for you all to absorb at this time.

Thank you to the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes.

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