Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sophia Love – Gonna Fly

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gonna flyWe made it.  With 20/20 vision we are looking at Agape.  It is not as we expected.  There are no hearts, flowers, or scented love notes.  It’s right there in the mirror, looking back at you with disheveled hair, morning breath and old sweats.  It’s you.

Forgo the want ads today; you know where to look to find what you want.  The chamber inside your own heart holds the treasure you seek.  It’s been buried beneath layers of oppression, abuse and their resulting low self esteem.  It’s been hidden behind requirements, shoulds, not good enoughs and supposed to’s. It is underneath expectations, disappointments and lack.  Your vision has been clouded with tears and a film of forgetting.

Well Agape is better than Lasik.  The only light required is the light you hold within.  You won’t need a doctor for this – clarity is a by product of self love.

Now that you are here, you can turn around and notice the baggage you’ve left along the way.  It was massive; no wonder you feel so much lighter.  Without blame, guilt or judgment we can just about fly.  Now all it takes is practice.

These wings have been waiting a very long time.  They may need a gentle prodding to unfold and engage.  Begin with forgiveness – for all fault is gone.  Then move on to encouragement.  It is time to believe in your deepest held wishes.  Life is about to astound you.

Faith is required.  Not blind faith because you are one who see’s clearly; Faith in the rock solid truth of your heart.  Agape.  Unconditional self love is absolute.  There are no more insurmountable obstacles.  You’ve made it.  It’s time to fly.

Increase your gentle encouragement.  Ratchet it up to full blown ecstasy – It is time!! You’ve been dormant for thousands of years and lifetimes, endured and continued through each.  There has always been a knowing, without really understanding what it was you knew.  You understood your time would someday come.

It is here.  It is now.  With your wings fully extended and quivering – prepare to fly.  The truth is that you are beyond brilliant and oh so much brighter than you’ve ever been told.  Leave your fears where they lie – on the path to Agape. They will not be forgotten, for they are what have forged the power into your wings.  Every moment was part of the plan – your plan.

You joyfully, exuberantly and not least of all willingly took every step to get here.  It has not been easy.  You have been close to giving up more than once.  Yet always the voice of Agape whispered “its okay, you’ll see, keep going.”

You are reading these words here today because you heard that voice.  Somewhere you’ve known that things had to be better than this.  You were right.  Your dreams are about to be realized.

You were birthed from Source for this moment now.  Without a doubt you knew that you’d awaken.  You have.  Your divinity beats within your heart.  There is no other who can claim to be superior – this unique and brilliant thought of God is found in just one place.  Feel the joy of recognition at this discovery!  It rises up through every inch of you.  Feel its force and conviction.

You are God’s perfect thought.  You stand without requirement.

You are the One you’ve been waiting for.

It has been an honor to travel this journey with you.  It will be a thrill to fly alongside you!

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