Saturday, December 8, 2012

Jesus: Do Not Downplay Your Expectations of What Lies Ahead for You

As Channelled by John Smallman – December 7, 2012
Listen to John read this latest post from Jesus here:

Consciousness, your fully conscious divine and eternal state, is all about experiencing the Love of our Father – His Love for You and Your Love for Him. Your consciousness expands as the felt intensity of God’s Love increases within you.

Humanity is about to move into a new state of consciousness where all will feel God’s Love growing and expanding within them, where they will realize that all that they can do is share It, and as they do It expands further, infinitely. It is, as you can at least attempt to imagine, a most ecstatic and blissful feeling in which nothing else can ever be desired except for it to continue, as it will, forever.

For humanity it is very difficult to conceive of life without wants, desires, or needs, but when you return to your fully alive and fully awakened state you will understand that completely, and delight in that knowledge.
Entering, or more appropriately re-entering your natural state of fully conscious aliveness, will propel you into an arena of possibilities where you can with confidence and supreme competence create and engage in activities that, in your present state of very limited conscious awareness, you could never begin to imagine.
Reality is so vastly different from what you presently think of as reality that there truly is no resemblance at all. The beauty and wonder of the environment that is soon to become once more your eternal Home will induce in you a blazing inferno of enthusiasm for life – it will breathe new Life into your lives.

Do not downplay or reduce your expectations of what lies ahead for you. Instead, expand them and know that whatever you envision will be mightily exceeded. You have but the smallest, tiniest conception of what your Source, your Mother, your Father, God, actually is.

So prepare for unbounded astonishment and amazement when you awaken. What you are about to experience is absolutely worth the anxiety, the suffering, and the longing that has accompanied you on your eons-long journey. God always wants only that you live in ecstasy, happiness, utter joy. It was your idea, your desire to experience something other than that, never His, ever, that led to your apparent separation from Reality.

Now you have realized that you made a mistake and want to return Home and your intent to correct it will be completely successful. No other outcome is possible because you are divine creations of the Source of all being, and therefore you have the power, the ability, and the determination to do so. His Power is your Power because everything He has He shares fully with You, always. You have just temporarily forgotten that.

When you pray or meditate, intend to remember Who You are. Those in the spiritual realms are willing and eager to assist you in this, because remembering leads you towards your inevitable awakening.

Almost all humans want to awaken into Reality, but they are very often dissuaded from holding the intent to do so because of what they see around them – dishonesty, conflict, suffering, and corruption – and on which they find it almost impossible to avoid placing their focus. Doing so draws them more firmly into the illusion as it suggests to them that God, Who is Love, if He existed, could not allow such darkness to envelop them. And in the conflict of that experience it is extremely difficult to have faith in His existence or see any Light offering guidance homeward.

As you attend to this remembering, your Light brightens and intensifies, and acts as a beacon to others. You have all experienced the warmth of contact with others when you spontaneously and unexpectedly behaved lovingly or generously towards them and had that warmth acknowledged and returned to you.

By remembering, and intensifying the Light that shines forth from within you, you strengthen the bonds that make humans one with each other and with God. And that is your path to wakefulness – to burn brightly with God’s holy Light – and it is also the path of all those with whom you interact in any way at all.

You are all coming Home; that is an unchangeable inevitability. It is where you truly desire and intend to be, and by your free-will choice and decision, you are making it happen.

Your loving brother, Jesus

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