Monday, December 10, 2012

AA Michael - The Still, Small Voice Within Will Soon Be Neither Still Nor Small

 Channeled by Ron Head On December 9, 2012 

It is our intent now to bring to your attention the constant flood of Creator’s unconditional love, that which we sometimes name energy or light, which is flowing through your world now. It has, of course, always done so, but it has reached a volume which can now not be missed by any who may turn their attention to it.

What may have taken a great deal of training in times past may be accomplished in no time at all at this point. The still, small voice within will soon be neither still nor small. When seeking to hear that voice, however, please understand that you may ‘hear’ it in many different ways.

 It will be the manner in which your own perceptions discern the feelings that arise from the experience of this love, this light, this energy. Yes, you may actually hear it. Then again, you may see it. You might just feel the flow through you. Perhaps it might be all of those or even something entirely different. It will be unique to you perhaps. But the one way in which it will be the same for all is that it will be the way that you personally understand when you perceive it.

It will not be the first time that you ‘hear’ it, dear ones. It will just be, perhaps, the first time you have heard it in many thousands of years. Picture yourselves as beautiful flowers and allow the flood of light and love to open you and bless your every cell.

You may, if you already feel this, believe that it cannot get more intense, but we tell you that it will continue to increase throughout the next twelve days. Allow this to flow through you in gratitude, for it is changing you in very necessary ways. And remember, too much resistance is what blows circuits. Well, perhaps that is a bit extreme, but you will get the idea.

We urge you to spend the time to find a group to meditate with or to join in prayer on the twelve-twelve. A corner will be turned on that day. Being a part of that will insure that it is a step forward for you as well.

We will bring you more good news shortly. Be at peace now, dear hearts. Good day.

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