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Power Path ~ New Moon Update Dec 12/13 with Pat Liles

This is a powerful time for community to focus collectively and powerfully on some common intention. Anything done or intended at this time will have a great ripple effect on the collective as well as your future.

Use forgiveness in a very deep way to include a larger landscape, expanding it to reach the greater collective. Remember that what you do individually affects all your relations and working on yourself is your greatest service.

ASTROLOGICAL NOTES Written by Patricia Liles

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Sagittarius New Moon – 21Âș
Thursday, December 13, 1:42 AM MST
(8:42 AM Greenwich Mean Time)
The last New Moon of the calendar year allows us to make very clear just what we want to create in the next cycle. We have completed the intensified period of shift marked by the solar/lunar eclipse pair that started Nov. 13.
Whew! Intense doesn't even come close to describe all that has transpired in just one short Moon cycle. Personally, I am awed by the depth and age of psychological/karmic material surfacing in me presently to be turned over to Spirit to recreate a new way of being in this world. With all the collective focus on the end of this year as a major transition point, it's the perfect time to put your attention on a question like, 'if I could change one thing in my life that would really make a difference, what would it be?' Then, point that question in the direction of your relationships, finances, health, happiness or wherever you want to affect change and move to higher ground. By actually writing or verbalizing what those desires are at this time, you can gather significant support for your intentions. As the Moon increases from New to Full Moon, and as the days lengthen and bring more light at Solstice, we have the power of increase at our fingertips. Use it; ride the wave; harness it. On so many levels, we are being offered the portals, tools, and opportunities to tune in to unprecedented spiritual evolution.

Sagittarius, a fiery, enthusiastic and optimistic seeker of truth and knowledge shoots an arrow far over the horizon questing for an expansive perspective. That Archer is searching for experience and meaning and the philosophic purpose of our existence. There's gypsy in the Sag blood as they explore and travel the globe while opening their veins to foreign cultures, ideas, and peoples. The Sag ruler, Jupiter, largest of the planets, expands everything with which it comes in contact engaging with confidence and generosity. With Jupiter in Gemini since June, we're spinning pretty fast on the mental planes, with a tendency to be overbooked and rushed with limited down time. Jupiter in Gemini for a year is expanding our abilities to acclimate to a quicker pace. Ideas come quickly, but focus is at a premium and harder to come by. Make something tangible happen in your life that brings in strong positive energy that expands your life in some significant way. Travel-good; study-good, especially metaphysical/spiritual subjects.

In this New Moon chart and also in the Winter Solstice chart of December 21 is a configuration made up of Saturn and Pluto in mutual reception strengthening both of their expressions – Saturn contributing serious discipline and the will to focus and accomplish on the physical plane and Pluto demanding deep transformation of our institutionalized values, our laws/rules created by greed and domination, and our antiquated views of what produces status, authority, and leadership. Both of these heavies (Saturn and Pluto) are pointed at our chart ruler, Jupiter, and forming a 'Finger of God' or Yod configuration. We saw this 'Finger of God' in the last chart with Venus at the apex; now it's Jupiter's turn to be the focal point for a strong influx of energy. The message is: you must know what you want to expand and reach toward. What do you stand for? What is the meaning and purpose of your life and how can you best bring that to those around you? That's why New Moon and Winter Solstice are such important points because they carry the energy of forgiving the past and starting anew with renewed commitment.

New Moon and Uranus turning direct are practically simultaneous on December 13. Uranus has been retrograde since July 13 and will not reach its full forward position until mid March. Since July, change has been focused inward, contact with our inner knowing has increased, and our outer changes have been on hold for external circumstantial reasons.

 Now, we can begin to move forward with our goals and plans and take advantage of this liberation from the deep, DEEP clearing work 2012 has brought to so many. Uranus in Aries will accelerate soon and will dazzle us with the swiftness that it can bring about change. Uranus hasn't been in Aries in 84 years and it plans to stay in this courageous, self-reliant, risk-taking sign for six more adventurous years.  The time we have spent in contact with our own higher consciousness will now be felt in our physically manifested lives.

The feminine aspects of the chart, Venus and the asteroid goddess elements are very active here. The energetic strengthening and balancing of the feminine can be felt as our hearts expand, our awareness of the love that surrounds us expands, our consciousness of our undeniable connection to all living beings expands. We see the hand of the feminine as we nurture and support, as we deepen our vulnerability and connection in relationship, as we are uplifted by joining together in community and family of like-minded, celebratory souls. Greed and judgment no longer seem like such satisfying morsels on which to base a life.

Look for a wonderful meteor shower, the Geminids, active December 6-19 between 12 and 2 AM MST and peaking on New Moon night, Dec 13-14, where the darkness of the night will enhance viewing.

Blessings on Us All as the wheel turns to the New!

12/21 Winter Solstice, Sun enters Capricorn 4:11 AM MST (11:11 Greenwich Mean Time)
12/28 Cancer Full Moon 3:21 AM MST
01/11 Capricorn New Moon 12:44 PM MST

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