Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Last Stargate Before Ascension: 12-12-12 ~ Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael

                                                             12-12-12  12:12 am
                     By The Golden Light Channel      

Good evening dear ones, we welcome you into the higher dimensional matrices today with the dawning of the last stargate, the 12-12-12. We are bringing this information in through the channel as the twelves line up, so to speak, as it is now 12-12-12 at 12:12 am. This is a day of connections and the last triple date stargate portal through which the last influx of higher dimensional energies are grounding into your realities and into your dear planet, mother earth/gaia. These higher dimensional vibrations have been infiltrating your planet deeply through the last 12 months of triple date portals. Today is the day of the final influx of these energies anchoring into your earth. These energies carry with them a beautiful higher dimensional vibration of love, light, and higher essences which are uplifting your individual and group consciousness, and all your connections.

This is a grand day of connections within and without…a day to meditate upon the beautiful light and love emanations from the source connecting all of you. Your own individual connections with your Higher Selves are becoming strong and assisting each of you individually with your ascensional process and higher consciousness awareness….these energies are also aligning your higher dimensional chakras (now activating 12 of your chakras where previously there were only 7), the beginning of the process of activation of all 12 strands of your DNA, and your connections with each other via the Higher Dimensional Group Consciousness.

The higher dimensional energies now locked into place in mother earth are “bathing” all of you in a beautiful loving higher vibrational light, and connecting you deeply with this dear sentient being of Gaia, who is the sentient being within the physical structure of your planet, providing the framework for your earthen homes. She, too, is ascending with all of you. As this beautiful higher dimensional energy bathes you from below, you are also receiving an enlightening light attunement from above, coming from source down through the higher dimensional group consciousness now forming, down through your higher selves and into your beings. Many, many lightworkers are beginning the process of ascension today, some gradually, some quickly, depending on your level of intention, growth, and consciousness, with all culminating in the final mass ascension on the 12-21-12, which is also the inauguration day of the New Earth, the birth of which is in its infancy holographic state at this time.

Today, then, be at peace, and take some quiet time within your lives to focus on your connection to your higher self, the higher dimensional group consciousness, and the source, this loving higher dimensional light then circulating back from source down through your higher dimensional group consciousness, your higher self, your physical and etheric bodies including all 12 of your higher dimensional chakras and DNA strands, down into the earth, and circulating back up again in a continual flow of loving, light-filled energy.

The practice of this visualization exercise by each lightworker or persons reading this message, then, will multiply a thousandfold, creating a beautiful, light-filled, higher dimensional web of light within, around, and upon your earth and your bodies, nurturing, sustaining, and enlightening you during these days of connection, alignment, and attunement to the higher dimensional energies of All That Is, bringing you all into Connection with Each other, with Mother Earth/Gaia, with higher dimensional energies, with higher dimensional beings, and with the Source of All. We love each and all of you individually and collectively and are ever near for you to call on us for assistance during this time.

We leave you this evening with soft wishes of love and light.

Until next time, we are the Council of Angels, Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael.

© The Golden Light Channel, Please include this copyright when reposting this message.

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