Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Jesus - You Will RecognizeYourselves As Most Wondrous, Divine Beings


Channelled On December 16, 2012 

 by John Smallman


The moment for your awakening — the most significant event ever to occur in human history — is almost upon you.  Many of you are feeling anxious as naysayers suggest that nothing of note will happen; and within your illusory environment, an environment that seems to you very solid, very real, almost permanent, it is all too easy to buy into those negative energies.

 Don’t!  Ask for help from the spiritual realms when you pray or meditate; you will receive it in abundance, and then you will find yourselves experiencing a sense of peace and trust that will replace any anxious or worrying thoughts that have been disturbing you.

You are going to awaken unless you make an extremely forceful decision not to do so and then maintain that decision, despite all the Love that is flowing into your energy field nudging you towards wakefulness.  Your constant intent, since the moment of apparent separation, has been that you will, when you hear God calling you, awaken from your depressing and exhausting dream world into your Father’s divine Reality where all that He creates has its existence in everlasting joy.

And you have been hearing His call and you do want to wake up.  Because it is His Will and yours that you do so, therefore no other outcome is remotely possible. There are very, very few on the planet who have not yet started the process of aligning themselves with God’s Will, because all have been influenced greatly by the vast influx of divine energies that are flowing in to assist you in doing so.  It is often a choice, a decision that most of you made well below the level of limited-conscious awareness that you experience as embodied humans. If you want to awaken, and yet are only conscious of a fear that you may not, then relax.  You have made the choice and you will wake up.

God wants your eternal happiness, and there is absolutely no judgment of you that He has made that requires anyone to undergo punishment, mortification, or sacrificial suffering of any kind.  He is Love.  There is only Love.  Nothing that is not in perfect alignment with Love exists.  Release those utterly unreal worries and anxieties in the certain knowledge that you are to awaken into the New Age of limitless joy, where you will recognize yourselves as most wondrous, divine beings, shining brilliantly in the reflected glory of your Father’s infinite Love for all of His creation.

Your place, your home, where you belong, is in the Presence of God, which is not in an awestruck state prostrate before Him, but co-creating with Him happily in an ongoing series of delightful and uplifting adventures.  You are loved by your Father in a way that is impossible to describe in any meaningful fashion, and His joy is to know that you are experiencing the state of divine bliss that He created for that sole purpose.

He awaits your homecoming, your awakening – because you truly have never left home, Heaven, His eternal Presence – with the eager anticipation of a father expecting the imminent arrival from a long and arduous journey of his dearly loved son.  Your reunion – our reunion, because all of creation is waiting enthusiastically and expectantly for this wondrous event – with God will glory in the exultant pleasure of that vibrantly alive and unchanging instant.

Be excited, be enthusiastically anticipatory of the divine wonders that will greet your awakening on that momentous occasion.  It is very close, you can almost feel it, touch it, see it, and hear the jubilant strains of music that are to greet your magnificent celebratory arrival at the venue that has been prepared so lovingly for this absolutely entrancing event.

Your journey is almost finished, so continue to hold your Light on high as you offer only loving encouragement to all those with whom you interact between now and that grand moment, because, of course, you are bringing them home with you to the divine Presence that is your Father.
Your loving brother, Jesus.

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