Monday, December 10, 2012

Jesus - It Is Just Not Possible To Envision What Is Coming Your Way

Channelled  Through John Smallman On December 9 2012

As the moment for your awakening approaches, the vast majority of humanity is in the process of releasing their last remaining ties to the illusion.  Only a very small number of souls have elected not to awaken, and some of those are thinking seriously about changing their minds.  You can always change your minds!

There is absolutely no need for any of you to worry or concern yourselves about loved ones who seem to you to be unaware of the great changes that are about to occur.  There is no one who is on a path to awakening who, at some deep level of their being, is unaware that a new age is soon to dawn.  And everyone incarnate on Earth at this time intends to be on their path to awakening.

It is a remarkable time to be within and experiencing the illusory environment that you built so many eons ago.  Having seen it materialize many are now here to watch as it dematerializes, and all who choose to awaken will find themselves Home at last.  You have a very apt saying “home is where the heart is,” and of course while you have spent eons, to put it mildly, blundering about in the illusion, your spiritual hearts, your divine essences have remained safe and abundantly well in the heavenly realms, assisting the sleeping aspects of yourselves which chose to enter the illusion to wake up.  And with all that loving assistance added to your own original intent, then your awakening becomes inevitable.

Patience as you wait is difficult because you want to know what to expect, and within your limited state of conscious awareness – similar to when television was new, with only poorly defined black and white pictures that faded in and out – it just is not possible to envision what is coming your way.  If you compare that old television set to one of your modern, large screen, high-definition models, the difference is amazing, especially if you were to go instantly from watching one of those original ones to a new one.

When you awaken, the change in clarity and definition will be of a totally different order to what you experience right now.  Truly what you think of as clarity in the illusion could very fairly be described as being like swimming underwater in a muddy pond.

Clarity of great intensity is about to envelop you.  Coming out of the morning fog into brilliant sunlight shining on a beautiful landscape is as nothing compared to what awaits you.  I am offering you extremely upbeat and inspiring suggestions about what to expect because so many of you are asking.  They are, understandably, totally inadequate analogies, but they should encourage you to look ahead with uncurbed enthusiasm.

Your enthusiasm directly affects your strength of intent, raising your frequency towards the spiritual dimensions so that we can, as it were, reach down and take your hands to help you along the final steps of your homeward path.

Remember, you are not returning home alone; you are bringing with you many whom you might describe as drugged with sleep.  Your Light and encouragement, probably mostly silent and unseen, is essential to their staying the course.  You and they cannot fail in this endeavor, but you can make it easier by releasing the loads of extra baggage that you have been carrying almost unconsciously for so long.

No one on Earth is without some strands of negative energy that they need to release, whether by forgiveness, compassion, and acceptance, or by an act or intent of kindness and love.  Many of you are finding emotions of anger, helplessness, sadness, regret coming unbidden into your awareness.  Accept them without engaging with them or attempting to understand why they have arisen; just offer them love and forgiveness and they will pass through, sometimes seemingly rather slowly.

Also do not dwell on why you are feeling so tired or unmotivated, as many most certainly are.  All that you are experiencing is part of the process of releasing the moorings that attach you to the illusion; and you will release them all because the growing energy of Love within you will make it quite clear to you that you no longer need to remain attached to anything.  You are free, just as you were created, and that has and never will change.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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