Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Archangel Michael Through Ron Head: It is Not Exactly a Gift You Know

As Channeled by Ron Head – December 23, 2012

We come once again to congratulate you for the passing of another significant marker, the most significant one ever, as a matter of fact. It went amazingly well.

Oh yes, there were a great number of very surprised people. Some were surprised by what has happened. Most were surprised by what appeared not to have happened. At least the fearful are appreciative that the doom and gloom prophets were wrong, as we told you.

It is as we foretold, my friends. You heard us say many times that the biggest change ever would occur in your energetic being, and that of Earth and all its creatures. You understood this, and yet you held on to expectations of much more. Yes, we did speak many times of much more, and we tell you now, these things are coming. They are coming because now you are equipped to see to it. You are able. You are capable. You will discover that you know how. There is a very great deal for you to discover now about yourselves. But that will be fun, don’t you think? Fun and amazing.

Nothing of it should take you by surprise. It is all ancient knowledge. But it is ancient knowledge long dormant and only half believed. You still see, hear, and feel the remnants of third dimensional thought and belief. It may take some little time for you to allow that to fade away and for you to ‘test your wings’, as it were.

Almost all of you are feeling, when you allow yourself to feel, something rather new about yourselves. Many are describing to each other surprising and diverse experiences and feelings. This continues to happen, and will for quite some time. It is not exactly a gift you know. It is the being you have always been, just with the wrapper removed. Find it. Dig it out. Examine it. Play with it. You now have all the eternity you need to relearn how to use it. Have fun.

There are still vast amounts of energetic change on the way. Your twenty twelve is not quite over.
We will speak again soon. Good day.

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