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Angela Peregoff On The 12:12:12

From This Point Forward No One Will Be Untouched

By Angela Peregoff, December 10, 2012

There is a song written by John Denver that goes “Come dance with the west wind and touch all the mountain tops. Sail o’er the canyons and up to the stars. Reach for the heavens and hope for the future and all that we can be is not what we are.” The energy for your month of December 2012 is much like this. The great Mystery of expanded Love has merged within the physical plane of Gaia (the being that is planet earth). From this point forward no one will be untouched by the magnetism and willpower of unity consciousness.

It is the destiny of humanity to meet, greet and partner consciously with the deep wisdom of the Heart of all Universal Creation and to heal the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, astral, etheric and karmic wounds created over the past 14,000 years. None of us can possibly anticipate what each new day will bring. What a great turning point in history! The grace in the whole experience is that you can rest assured this epochal period of change was always scheduled to happen, and whether you can acknowledge it or not, deep in your intuitive gut you’ve been anticipating this challenging and interesting period of history.

This week I want you to remind yourself that this entire dynamism is now in full operation and its role and purpose, its promise and commitment as it were, is to reunite the Soul, body, and personality. Yes, the amnesia is lifting. The remembrance is beginning. The old framework based in fear and limitation is dying. The new paradigms are being revealed. This transformation is another push towards merging your immortal spiritual essence with a human existence. You must now be in harmony with the Universe, in harmony with Yourself, and in harmony with all things. This is how Unity gets anchored and the abundant feeling of being connected to a loving and compassionate Universe expands and grows.

“Ask and it shall be given” is now made clear to you as you seek clarification, direction, guidance and Truth. You can trust that you will be shown what must be forgiven, what must be let go, what must be born out of this knowledge, wisdom and truth. As you journey into your conscious co-creative role, the responsibility – the ability to re-spond or ponder the consequences of actions and choices – shall vividly be seen, clearly perceived and acknowledged as it is witnessed from the heart of your Soul.
Prayers during this celestial month of peace for those in leadership positions, positions of power, or decision-making positions that affect the world and its population are needed to act in the highest and best interest of all. A few moments of your focused intending will assist them in acting from a place of greater vision, awareness and love.

One method I suggest to my students for the “new vision” energies to be received in the smoothest and easiest manner is the three-fold gratitude/releasing process. This is done by connecting with the people, beings, spirits, energies and entities in your world that have been maintaining the old framework, thanking them for the good work they have done and releasing those who are ready to move on to their next level of expression allowing them to leave by giving them permission.

The second step in the process is thanking those people, beings, spirits, energies and entities that have chosen to remain. Bless them for maintaining the framework of transition and invite them to bring in our next highest paradigm of expression. The third part of the process is to invite and invoke the new people, beings, spirits, energies and entities to enter into your world, thanking them for the work they are about to do in assisting in the implementation of new visions for the earth and the global community.

Don’t forget we are witnessing the closure of the era of separation of powers and domination by force and inequality of cultures. It’s like this – those of us who have aligned ourselves even slightly to the perspective of holism as a personal code of health, that code assumes that each organ in the body, while remaining an individual organ, is no longer sovereign. It is, instead, subject to a grander holistic body politic whereby the whole must be served in order for the whole body to thrive. Cosmic law, or mystical law, teaches that “what is in one is in the whole.”

This means that every person who has absorbed that mystical law as a health code has also absorbed that cosmic law as a prelude to the transformation of the global body politic. It can’t be otherwise because, “What is in ONE is indeed in the whole.” Therefore, through every action we as individuals have taken to further our personal health as a “whole being” we have also inadvertently supported the transformation of the global village into a whole body politic at the energy level.

To put this in yet a more mystical context, if you think of yourself as a “living prayer,” which in essence you are, then all your intentions and thoughts to become a whole and healthy person are consumed by the collective soul as well as your individual soul. These intentions are the fuel that, in turn, converts into physical events and actions in the greater arena of life. This month is the perfect time to begin living this concept for the One of us.

Sound healers can also be of assistance this week to harmonize, release and make whole that which is now in metamorphosis and transformation. The toning vibrations of the healers will assist an expansion portal that is delivering energies of rebirth to each soul beginning with the 12/12/12 portal. Take advantage of this golden opportunity by inviting these Universal Heart energies to purify your remembrance of who you are and why you are here.

Let the fears of the ancient and recent past fall away. Let yourself be made whole again. Let yourself re-member and bring together all parts of your Soul and Psyche. Allow yourself to experience the Oneness so that the pain and fear of separation from the One never returns. The turning of the tides is done from above and from within. It is up to you to work with the power of your internal forces, to scaffold your inner consciousness and build a soul with stamina, so what when fear and chaos surrounds you, you can see through it rather than be consumed by it.

From the Dec. 12th until Dec. 21st the grand cosmic portal remains open and strengthens. While vitality and energy will be more abundant, so are old patterns, concepts and ways of being that are limiting you. Be extra sensitive to what is being brought up for healing for this and other lifetimes to enable a true reunion with your Soul essence. This unpredictable (depending on your point of perception) boost of internal ok-ness is going to illuminate the newest stunning light codes of Love within your field. So no matter if it shakes out to be a good week or bad – in the end, it’s all Good.

The end result is that as each mystical resource of the Goddess is once again made abundant you will be shown the varied ways in which you can actively cooperatively participate in your glorious reformation of the Newest Golden Age. The ancient memories you possess of the lushness of the Garden of Eden, the intensity of flow, color and beauty of Lemuria, the juiciness, magic and vibrational sounds of Mu, the luxury, repose and opportunity for intellectual pursuit of Atlantis may now be merged into the best of all worlds. We are the God Particles alleviating a rampant state of separation upon planet Earth.

Bless you for journeying here and bringing in the Greater Good,

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