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Taryn Crimi - Reincarnation Redux

I Don't Usually Give This 5-Saucer Rating But This Piece Is The Best, Plain English Overview Of The Incarnational Process I Have Yet Seen.  You Might Want To Read It A Few Times As You Ponder These Truths...DT the ET

 Angelic Guides Channelled By Taryn Crimi On December 6, 2012

Today we would like to focus your attention on the topic of reincarnation. There is a common belief amongst many on your world that “you only live once” however, many of you who are drawn to these messages are aware on some level that souls do in fact reincarnate.

There is much to be gained from the soul’s experiences in a multitude of lives. We would like to expand upon this topic today in hopes of shedding some more light to allow you to gain another perspective of not only why souls choose to reincarnate but how each soul decides which life to assume.

The majority of all souls on this planet at this time are what you would term “old souls”, which means that your soul has incarnated here on Earth many times before. This is due to the resilience that would be required of you in these very challenging and intense times of change that you knew would take place; it takes a very seasoned soul to be able to handle this level of intensity. Now with that being said, some of you have been here thousands of times. All of these lives are going on concurrently from our perspective, although you would label them as being in the “past”.

Many of you have had lives in both Lemuria and Atlantis; and you are here now to see this incarnational cycle through. Much has been gained from your time here on Earth. Although it is based in the lower dimensions, we in no way see this experience as being easier than the higher dimensions. In many ways it is much more challenging. This has been a very intense “school” in which to learn. The experiences that you have had here allowed you to gain a tremendous amount of soul growth with each lifetime. For some of you this will be your very “last” life here on Earth, yet for others; they are still very much enjoying their time here and will choose to once again reincarnate.

Now when a soul is choosing the life they are going to incarnate into there are many factors which are taken into account. These decisions are never taken lightly and much thought is given before a decision is made. There is a “review” process that each soul goes through when choosing another life.

They have the ability to look back at their lives and this allows them to focus in on what they would like to experience “next”. Of course you do not map out every little experience, however much of what you would call the big things such as your family, relationships, location, challenges, and lessons are carefully chosen by you. We smile when we hear those who say “you can choose your friends, but you can not choose your family”.

Know that you do choose the people around you, as well as the guides who will help you from the other side of the veil. Of course you do have total free will when you incarnate here on Earth; as you are free to make new decisions or amend your “soul contract” anytime you please. This is often done subconsciously, however as you continue to grow and evolve you will have more of a hand in determining what experiences you would like to have and the lessons you would like to learn consciously.

Now we mentioned that you choose your family, relationships, location etc. Also know that many of you are your ancestors. You do, most regularly continue to incarnate into the same genetic lines and therefore you are your own ancestors. You also chose your body as well. You may find it interesting to know that you often times choose a very similar make up; in that you often look quite similar from lifetime to lifetime. You also usually like to incarnate with a familiar soul group. Of course there are times in which you would like to have the experience of incarnating on your “own”; not necessarily with souls you have incarnated with before. You also often times favor particular regions that you continue to reincarnate into.

Old souls, know that you have been every creed, every race, every religion, both man and woman. Know that your soul is seeking to experience each and every perspective. We spoke more in-depth about the soul’s desire to seek out balance in our message about Karma as well as in our message about parallel realities.

Although you usually do not have a conscious recollection of these “past lives” your cells and therefore your DNA do. Your experiences, and knowledge are held with in your DNA and brought with you every time you reincarnate. We have said this many times before; know that what you have achieved in another lifetime is available to you here in this lifetime. From our perspective, there is really no division between the lives. The talents, gifts and abilities that you have acquired in another lifetime are yours for the taking anytime you choose. By this we mean that you will have a much faster learning curve to a skill or talent that is developed in another lifetime.

Although your personality does not remain the same in all of your lives, you do however often have similar interests; things that you are drawn to. This could be a fascination with the arts, the stars, the plant kingdom, spirituality, religion, just to name a few. This is not to say that you have the same likes in every life, but often times what you were drawn to in one life is usually found to be of interest in many other of your lives.

Also know that not all souls want to experience the life from the very beginning to end. Some souls are more interested in gaining the experience of adulthood, while others may just want to experience childhood. In this case a soul may agree to walk into another souls life. Often times the souls will agree to make the “switch” during a traumatic event; such as an injury which may render the body unconscious or an accident which greatly impacted the body. This of course is not the only way a soul can make the switch but it is a very common way. This allows the new soul to become acclimated into the new life in the new body.

In the case of a “walk-in” the new soul will begin to make changes to the life, which may appear to be drastically different to those who are observing. The personality will change, likes and dislikes will change and often times friends and relationships will change.

Now remember all of this is always agreed upon by all participating souls. The reason why souls would choose this in some lifetimes is simply to explore something new, something different. Not all souls are interested in staying for the entire duration of a lifetime. Know that some of you reading this are in fact “walk-ins”. Most have no recollection of the “switch” as it would only further complicate things. But “walk-ins” do not usually have a very good recollection of their lives before the walk in, and more often than not they lack an emotional connection to past events which were not actually “their own”. However know that when a soul does choose to walk in, they “download” for lack of a better word the entire lifetime of the body they are incarnating into. It is much like an imprint that gets uploaded to the soul’s experiences.

Also know that when a soul chooses to incarnate they have the ability, if they so desire, to “download” or “imprint” the experiences of others who have incarnated on your world. This is not to say that the experiences of another become their own, however they can then use those experiences for points of reference in their lifetime.

This is why many on your world feel connected to iconic people of your past. Some feel a particular connection for instance to Cleopatra, Julius Caesar or previous leaders of your world. Some feel so closely connected to these lives that they believe they were these people in another lifetime. This usually is due to the soul choosing to upload the experiences of that soul in order to gain another perspective. “Roles” such as these are few and far between compared to other incarnations so there are not many souls that actually get to “live” the actual life for themselves; hence the desire to “download” the experience. Of course there are times where you actually were that soul.

Many often wonder if they were ever a “famous” person on your world, to this we smile because of your innocence. From our perspective you are all famous. You have billions of souls watching the greatest drama to ever play out and you are the stars in the act.

Each and every lifetime has much to offer. We know that it is fun for many to learn more about their past lives, but no life is more important than this life. Remember that what you do, learn and experience in this life impacts all of your “other” lives, as they are all playing out simultaneously. Your “past” lives are never set in stone, they are changing with you as you grow and develop. We ask that you make every life count and count every life as a blessing.

We hope that this message has in some way enlightened you.
In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides.

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