Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Disclosure Digest 9-17-19

Shrooms To The Rescue...Git Sum!

The psychedelic researchers at McGill Univ. in Canada got similar results to these in the 1960's:

Is it all too much for you to bear these days? Contemplating homicide or suicide? Read on, Bunky:

The [DS] Take-down exposes  deceptions and skull-duggery; Jordan's on it like MAGA on Red:

A Sorcha Fal-fest on shifting battlefield conditions as the chaos ramps up; Got popcorn, Tovarich?:

The Central Banksters are showing their true colors all over the world; follow the $ and confiscate!:

Well, while we’re diving deep, here’s the skinny on Satanic/Black Magic and Sacrifices:

David Icke illuminates the 'Hidden Hand in 9/11' and other occult manipulations of the Sheeple:

Many thanks to Ron for bringing this little gem in from The Council; message received 5:5:

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