Thursday, September 19, 2019

Disclosure Digest 9-19-19


The Harvest Moon; Harbinger Of 

Fall In The Rockies


Some interesting musings on the meaning of human existence from Steve Beckow @GAoG:

Citizenship explained by Anna von Reitz, our northernmost pundit in print; very interdasting:

Here's your complimentary Big Dipper/Little Dipper easy locator; all you have to do is Look Up:

5Gwhiz Batman, this is quite the invisible death-ray weapon; let the culling begin:

DARPA is the Pandora's Box of Mal-tech designed to enslave all of humanity; just sayin':

The Vaccine Follies are starting to get widespread attention - great news; dark to Light:

The scam of academic archeology is exposed by Graham Hancock; a grokfest fer shur:

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