Saturday, September 14, 2019

Disclosure Digest 9-14-19

Enjoy The Show With 

Moar Organic Popcorn!

Sandra is in fine form and fettle as she brings us up to date on the cosmic goings-on; Grok sum:

Nicely done op-ed by Suzanne Maresca over at GAoG, tellin' it like it IS; Git Sum:

Epstein’s Mossad bedfellows emerge; somebody call the Orwellian Whaambulance: Yucky-pucky:

Chinazi Regime = Deep Chinese State Cabal; it’s got a nice ring, catchy descriptive:

For newbies, here's a good recap/deep-dive on the false flag attack on 9/11; wakey-wakey;

Modi and the Indians are right on this one; just be careful not to 'should on yourselves':

 KP applies his discriminating Hawaiian awareness to this latest message from Momma Gaia:

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