Sunday, September 1, 2019

The Council: The Rising Energies

Channelled By Ron Head On 8-31-19

We would say a bit today about the rising energies, giving you what may be a slightly different image with which to utilize them.

We have stated before that this rise of frequency and strength in the energy environment of your planet is and will be ongoing for some time. You have been given images of waves and cycles, both of which are true. But let us also give you the image of a stairway.

This stairway, as we would have you imagine it, has rather wide steps. You could imagine them as pauses. And you may use these pauses to gather yourselves, to integrate what has come, and to prepare. We say prepare because there will be more to come. And the intensity and strength of what is coming will rise in increments, as well.

If one does not know this, it is quite understandable is one is ‘thrown for a loop’. But if one knows that it is coming, as you do, then learning to ‘surf’ these waves or climb these stairs might well be your agenda.

This is not a build up to the Event that you love to discuss. This IS the event that you love to discuss. This is energy that is making the changes in ourselves and in your world that you have requested, that you have a right to, and that you are bringing to yourselves and your entire world.

Now we ask you, what sort of energy could possibly recreate a world? Well, what sort of energy created it in the first place? Could it be that this energy is Divine? Of course it is! And what is it doing, truly? It is removing the scales from the eyes that see it. Your world is not ‘becoming’ anything. Your knowing of your world is beginning to see the Truth of what it is.

And now we ask you, what sort of being could call this to themselves? Do, please, think deeply upon this question.

We leave you with that for now.

Blessings to all.

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