Friday, September 20, 2019

Disclosure Digest 9-20-19

Saturn's Gone Direct...

You May Now Exhale

This just in from our Dutch White Hat; great content and so-so illustrations - someone tell him:

A 5 minute mini op-ed from Lionel: Why’s Trump A Theatrical Genius; well spoken truth:

My finely tuned conspiracy analytics indicates a high ‘Truth Probability’ for this global scam:

 The Obama crime family is coming into increasingly sharp focus; watch the ‘wives’:

Let the Harvesting of humans for trade and profit come to a speedy End; Make it so:

Cosmic Frequency Shift In Progress/ The Advanced Council Of Interplanetary Light Diane Canfield -

Taking the Pulse of the Disclosure Movement; reporting from Dimensions of Disclosure 201

Oh the irony of it! Sadly for the Babylon Bee, humor has devolved into terminal seriousness:

According to our really old friend, Saul, Love is the universal digestive enzyme; Bon Appetit:

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