Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Disclosure Digest 9-10-19

Did You Hear Me, Neo?

Teri Wade, staff writer for In5D.com, leads us off with this 'little' reminder of what's goin' down:
Bernie goes way down the Eugenics rabbit hole for his misguided inspiration; Lord preserve us...:

Park the Pedomobile in Haavard Yaad while you snag some ‘pizza’; mega-darkness in Cambridge:

The mega-cyber bullies are being taken down by POTUS; some service delays may be experienced:

Vlad was and is a WH; He tried to warn us of the immanent Cabal attack, to no avail:

Jordan in DC reminds us of financial drivers of this traitorous false flag mega-attack; 10 minutes:

While we're 'de-coding' let's take a look at what Storm Dorian was really about; ponderfest ahead:

Newly downloaded Light codes are describes and explained by explained by Kim Semetis; grokfest:

In the spirit of giving here's an offering from Jesus,through John Smallman; Enjoy:

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