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Mike Quinsey Message, September 06, 2019

Dear Friends, I shall be taking a 2 week holiday week commencing Monday 2nd September, so after this weeks message my next one will be for Friday 20th September. Time is really passing so quickly now it only seems a short while ago that the New Year started. The immediate future is still sorting itself out, but for sure we have good times to look forward to. In Love and Light. Mike Quinsey.

By Multiple Mike On 9-6-19

With the coming of the New Age we are slowly but surely being enlightened as to the significant changes it carries with it. The mystery of “who” or “what” we are is being revealed and Kryon is the principal source as shown by the following extract. Clearly there is a long path to travel before we are ready and able to make it back to the Source, but it is uplifting and heart-warming to know where our future is heading.

Kryon Channelling, April 2019: The Most Important Thing For You To Return To Your Higher Self.

There is no returning to the way it was, the new normal if there is such a thing will be a road that never ends, constant change and with it will come new things, and they will always be better than the day before. There is a Creative Source that I represent that you are in. There is to be no channeling in the future, you will think alike and know what to do.

“Who are you” it cannot be explained, you are derivatives from the Central Source that is God. So many groups are part of you but they were once corporeal – all of them. There is an energy on your planet that has no rules but is packed with emotions and it is LOVE. Emotion is something forever at the core of everything and is LOVE. There is a love connection between all of you, if you allow it. The higher your DNA operates the more love there will be in the cells of your body – the Love of the Creator.

None of you are at Home; you are on Earth working. Do you know where Home is, it is where I am from it is where you are all from. I want to tell you this, when you are with me and there is the parity and a sonority of love, a confluence of love you cannot even imagine or fathom where you are from, and that is the part of you that wants to connect with you and is the part you are looking for and if you could put a name to it or a situation to it, it is the part of God that wants to reconnect to the part of you, it is the part of you on the other side of the veil that is literally blind to that part. You have awakened to the possibility that there is more to you than meets the eye. 
Corporeal – Physical world. Sonority – difficult to understand. Confluence - flow together. 


Mankind is showing the first positive signs of awakening to the rising vibrations, and is responding by becoming more aware of the true path that leads to levels of existence that leave all of the old energies behind. They have served their purpose and it is now time to move on and enjoy the higher vibrations that are safe from the interference of the dark Ones. To a large degree you are creating your own future, although the pathway has already been defined. The purpose is to ensure that you start to establish a new paradigm that will take you in the direction that is necessary to achieve a big step forward in your evolution.

Those of you that are ready will easily adapt to the new levels that will delight you with the ease of working within them. Time saving devices and systems will make life very acceptable and enjoyable. However, first must come a cleansing of all that remains of the old so that the new can come fully into being. Ultimately you will look back and wonder how you managed, and your methods will seem to have been very crude compared to the new ways of living. You have earned a place in the higher realms and will enjoy many years of rapid evolution.

We are aware that you are tired of the confusion that exists upon Earth, but it is like a festering wound that has to be healed before the full benefits of Ascension can begin. In that respect you are getting help, but as you might say the decks must first be cleared to ensure success. Changes are still in the process of taking place and will form the foundation of a new civilization. So many changes are planned and they will lift the gloom that presently exists. Be assured that we are influencing the outcome of present events, and although you may not see it yet all will eventually work out to your liking. You have earned the new ways of life that are manifesting even now and we know they will please you.

We will again approach the matter that seems to worry you the most, concerning the fate of those who are unlikely to be sufficiently advanced to be ready for Ascension. They will gain through their present experiences and it will give them a head start when they commence a new life on a new path to continue evolving.

It must be emphasized that each soul comes into incarnation with a plan, and will know beforehand whether or not they are ready to ascend. If they have been placed within your family it is for the experience that will help them in the future. Be assured that each soul will progress at a rate that suits their ability to understand the meaning of evolution and what it entails. All souls are lovingly looked after and help is always available for them.

In the meantime world events are slowly but surely coming to a conclusion, and will set the scene for necessary changes that will enable you to participate in moves to bring them about. You would be surprised if in reality you knew how much power you have to influence those who represent you. Your task is to make your wishes known where your future is concerned, so that time and money is not wasted by going in a different direction. Your influence does greatly affect the direction that the energies go in, and the more you focus on what you want the more you will gain success.

We see movements throughout the world that are rapidly coming to a conclusion. Although it will take time to fully recognize your achievements, you will see the beginnings of major changes to the quality of life. For too long you have been held back and often denied the basic needs for a happy and fulfilling life. Do not doubt that things will change for better, they have to and the increasing level of positive energies will ensure that it is so.

With the end of the old Age that which was unsuitable for your future and the plan for the changes, had already been put into action. It means that you are assured of a better and brighter future and more importantly, a life where poverty and need has been eliminated. It obviously cannot happen overnight, but nothing will be allowed to interfere or hold back progress.

Stay resilient and determined to meet the challenges that will carry you forward into the “promised land”. Try to feel the happiness, satisfaction and joy that is to come so that your spirits are lifted up. We are ever at your side and give every encouragement and are with a listening ear so that we can help you where possible.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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