Friday, September 27, 2019

Disclosure Digest 9-26-19

It's Gonna Get Really

Uncomfortable In October

We're now disclosing the misdeeds and high crimes of the upper level Cabal 'managers of humanity':

Gotta send this poor, tortured clown puppet child some of that high octane Love Light: MK Wha:

Jordan is the best alt news anchor out there; enjoy this latest news round-up: grokkable:

33 minutes of great X22 Report; analysis explaining how The Trap was set and sprung; BOOM:

The Hydra-headed 5G monster is loose and the Swiss are going full-on NIMBY; telling:

Goin' full Benjamin Button, I am: Photonic Cocktails, Shungite Water, Endocrine Upgrades oh yeah:

And we end today on a somewhat sad note; though I feel that POTUS isn't at all upset by this:

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