Friday, June 26, 2020

Disclosure Digest 6-26-20


Dysfunctional Families Don't Matter

A very entertaining and deeply disturbing Zach & Sasha video for your consideration; Git Sum:

Those reliable foreign-trained Antifa/BLM thugs are gettin’ scarce as hen’s teeth; Folly Up:
The bankster ill-gotten gains went somewhere; now it’s All coming back to We the People:

Remember, our old 3D senses are being constantly Upgraded to detect Higher Frequencies:
Git 13 minutes of mind-numbing Truth from the puckish lips of the ‘original’ Jordan Sather:

Exercising your 'Right To Be' is a full time workout; also re-read Lisa Renee Declarations:

Old school Cosmic Scribe work in this one from James McConnell; Ponderfest:

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