Saturday, June 27, 2020

Disclosure Digest 6-27-20

Git Sum Haboob Sunsets

Sister Sandra goes off on the roiling Haboob of adamantine fire-fly Photons upgrading our Reality:

Ubiquitous Fake, phony and false polling by the usual news hacks; Just more wishful Wanking:

Old people pushed systemically into accelerated end-of-life situations to pad the stats: new Rap-Rant:

Jordan riffs on the Great Unmasking and nails it, as per usual; Pro-Maskers are the new Pro-Vaxxers:

Git sum ugly truth about [DS] BLM and it’s associated octopussies; always follow the Money:

Jayme Price gives us her take on the upcoming July Ascension Energies; it's all about Balance:

Feeling punky and more than a little bit Off? Try changing your Divine Sparkplug for a 5D Upgrade:

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