Thursday, June 18, 2020

WWCC of 9: Humanity's Call (Solstice, Ring of Fire Eclipse) 20th, 21st, 22nd June 2020

Channelled Via Magenta Pixie On 6-18-20

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Many thanks To Suzanne Maresca for transcribing this Text:

Dance dear Starseeds, dance this day
For you rejoice with all.
Under the stars you do play
For you have heard the call.
It is Solstice, 2020, now is surely the time.
Ring of Fire, eclipse of the Sun, know these codes in a bell doth chime.
Stand in power, for you have won.
Negatives who seek to control through fear
Yet you know and see their game.
Galactic pulse you shall indeed hear, holding the rose gold flame.
Awakening sets up into light warp speed,
The chakra of the heart beams love.
Every color, race, gender and creed…
And for Peace, the sign of the dove.
It is Unity now that is the matter at hand,
Togetherness, gratitude and so much fun….
As you come together on the new land and uphold the sacred Law of One.
Now is the time as we have said, the Philosopher’s Stone has been kissed
With the twin flame counterpart, there is nothing you have missed.
Holding the knowing of the diamond light
You are beacons of change, and soon.
Indigo warriors ready for the fight in this joyful month of June.
So walk the path with head held high,
We know you follow the signs.
With Galactic wings shall you fly
With us, the Collective of Nine.
This little verse may appear so flighty, yet seeds that hold its magical power
When spoken aloud by you, so mighty
At this most timely hour.
So stand together, awakened souls,
Your Light is abundant and plenty.
Together, you shall indeed reach your goal
These three days in your month of June in your year 2020.

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