Monday, June 22, 2020

Disclosure Digest 6-21-20

Saying 'Incoming" Just Doesn't Do It Anymore

Lets begin with a little sampler for bored Lightworkers stoically awaiting the next Cosmic Download:

This just in from old friend, Jonathan Goldman; Healing Sounds Summer Solstice Edition: 

The SITS folk offer us a primer: Understanding Magick: A Spiritual Art and Science; Abra Cadabra:

This just in from Jordan (you can call me Ron) Sather, bringing you the very uncomfortable Truths:

Very effective re-cap of the uncomfortable truths about the [DS] 5G Trojan Horse:


Some Sorcha digs with plenty od sauce for discerning anons everywhere; grok-a-thon for Pepes:

IPOT gets all super-persuity on the WeatherMen III - ALL4FLOYD - and Live Girls Inside:

Poor thing hardly able to get a straight answer from those Orbish Folk; just a mite disrespectful Eh?

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