Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Disclosure Digest 6-17-20

 Kids, We Need To Have That Discussion About


James Gilliland gives his views on achieving Critical Thinking In Critical Times; worth a Read:

Appropriate response from the Feds here; long sentences will be a deterrent to Others:

Deep dig on Drag Clown subversion in Hennepin County MN; setting the stage for Genderitis:

The Israelification of American domestic security has been poisoning our Police Dept's for Decades:

It's lawsuits like this one which will actually, Legally and Peacefully change the flawed System:

It's time to get some remedial education on long term Cabal death cult eugenics Abominations:

Afghanistan is no longer safe for Cabal baby-harvesting as French NGO bails out; Basta:

A closer look at Mr. Grenell, the White Hat warrior assisting  POTUS with the [DS] Dismantling:

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