Saturday, June 20, 2020

Disclosure Digest 6-19-20

Solstice Keywords: Breathe. Ground. Remember.

We open the Solstice Portal with Stephanie Austin; EcoAstrology: Cancer Solstice/ Solar Eclipse:

Cosmic tunes for planetary transformation by two pre-eminent Sound Warriors:

The Great Un-Masking Rally gets OK from OK Supreme Court ruling: git sum Kekfest:

A Troika of Sorcha reports; arresting and charging criminally active US domestic Terrorists:

X22 Dave does some fine Q decoding in these two shows; well worth a Listen if ya got the Ears:

Bilbo takes his final journey from the Grey Havens and returns to his Star Family; Bon Voyage:

Bee-Stings Ahoy, Mateys! Grab yer organic popcorn and a fizzy boat drink cause yer in for a Treat:

Git sum raucus ramblings in These Swamp Drainin' Follies; disclosure is hitting Ludicrous Speeds:

This channelling kinda makes me yearn for the old-school space soap operas like Flash Gordon:

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