Thursday, June 18, 2020

Hathors: Transformation Of Consciousness

Peggy Black and the 'team'

He doesn't look like he's Joking...
We are here embracing you with our love. Breathe it in and allow yourself to reach a place of inner peace and certainty. This is a time of tremendous change and transformation. This is a time of great dismantling. The chaos that you are witnessing is disturbing for sure, however it is out of this chaos that the conscious changes will be birthed.

This is the dark night of the collective soul. All that has been repressed is erupting and spewing forth. Emotions are contagious and as many people step up and demand a change, it stirs the emotions of all. Many are shocked, fearful, confused as well as alarmed by what is occurring, while others are becoming an active part of what is unfolding. There are others who are selecting to transcend and to be able to assist from the non-physical.

This is pandemonium expressing itself. Nothing feels solid, stable or familiar as you are witnessing the collapse of the old paradigm. When a reality begins to collapse it appears messy, disturbing and often violent. The old systems are falling apart. The establishment is losing control. Individuals as a collective are tired of not being heard or not being seen. They are making their demands for change known. They are standing up and shouting for these fiery changes.

They are being supported  and energized by the Celestials as well. The energy and movement of the planets are supporting this conscious change. Earth is moving into an area of space with a new higher energy field. Realize that you will not know how this will unfold; you will question everything yet understand very little. As you observe the madness and the incredible confusion, it is most important for you to continue to return to your own center. It is a time to release, let go and purge your limited beliefs. We invite you to face all parts of yourself that are destructive, angry, aggressive and bring them into your awareness for healing.

There are extremely intense changes taking place that are not always visible. The out picturing of violence and protests are just the physical manifestation of what is occurring in the energy and magnetic grid and field of your planet. There is an alchemical process occurring. When your reality is placed under extreme collective pressure there will be a cracking open and a rising up of the new.

There are powerful shifts occurring and you, as an Awakened Starbeing, can anchor the incoming energy. These powerful shifts are actually taking place in the Earth's new crystalline matrix as well as in your own crystalline light body. There are light codes being offered from the Galactic Center; make it your intention to be open to these light codes and anchor them for the collective.

How do you anchor these light codes? First find a space where you can quiet your mind and heart; imagine that you can open your Crown Chakra. Now imagine the energy from the galactic center gently streaming directly into your field. Feel yourself being bathed by this transformative frequency. Allow yourself to feel the stimulation, the excitement, the quickening that is this cosmic gift. Drink it in, sense it flowing in and through your body. Remember you are a chalice for this divine work.

These light codes activate your divine blueprint. As Starseeds you can now understand why you are here. It is time to hold and radiate a high frequency. You are being called to shift to a new level of consciousness, to reach a higher moral ground. You are being called to envision, invite, and call forth this new world.

This energy coming forth also carries a transmission of the Divine Feminine. It is time now for the polarities of this planet to come to balance. The masculine energies have forcefully shifted this balance. In order for the new age to be anchored here on Earth there has to be a harmonious balance between the masculine and the feminine. There must be a sharing of power, ideas and respect in balance between these two forces. Each offers the collective a gift and each quality is needed as this transformation takes place.

You are being invited to bring a balance of the masculine and feminine within. Both of these polarities are important for you to have in your personality and your actions. The key is to make sure that you honor both within yourself as well as within others.

This balance will ripple out and touch others in a manner  such that they will also recognize and honor both the negative and the positive that they are meant to represent. These changes will not take place overnight however they have begun and will not stop until this balance has been accomplished.

Own your part in this outstanding transformation of consciousness. The darkness of this planet has been visible to the entire universe and now the entire universe is witnessing this revolution and the birthing of a balanced, harmonious collective. There is certainly work to be done.

Look within and see where your gifts and talents are needed. Step forth in an active manner to support this great change. Realize that you can also do great work in the quietness and focus of your heart and mind.

You are powerful Starbeings, you are multidimensional divine beings here to uplift and shift the imbalance of power. This is the great awakening. You can be here to support and anchor this truth. Use all your gifts, and your focus to support this metamorphosis.

Partner with the Divine Beings, the Masters, the Angels, the Elementals and invite and weave the Web of Light for all of Humanity. Remember that you are Spirit in Matter.

We honor you and your ability to call forth and manifest this evolution of consciousness for yourself, for humanity and for your planet.  We are with you in every way. the 'team'

©2020 Peggy Black All Rights Reserved. - 6-17-20

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"These light codes activate your divine blueprint. As Starseeds you can now understand why you are here. It is time to hold and radiate a high frequency. You are being called to shift to a new level of consciousness, to reach a higher moral ground. You are being called to envision, invite, and call forth this new world." 'the team'

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