Sunday, June 28, 2020

Disclosure Digest 6-28-20

The Eye Of Soros/Sauron 

Despises Your Freedoms

Feeling down from all the craziness? I have good news. I think we're in the final stage of The Plan. We win. A tip-o-the-cap to Suzanne at GAoG  and Joe M. for the current re-cap vintage Sauce.

This one is a bit of an infomercial yet highly Illustrative of Jon's Journey back to SELF; grok On:

More reports of Deep State Septic Sucking Operations, wrapped in plastic for your Protection; Kek:
Git sum Corona Baloney on lightly toasted rye with mayo and mustard, lettuce and Tomatoes:

The trolls and giants of mythology and Egyptian temples were our Red Haired star Ancestors:

The Agarthan Network is a 5D frequency zone within the body of Gaia; good back-story in this One:

Meditate to shrink your Fear Response; worldwide meditations are happening Now; Ponderfest:

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