Saturday, June 13, 2020

Disclosure Digest 6-12-20


Madre De Dios!

Tucker Carlson is mightily attacked from all sides these crazy days for being right Over The Target:

Weaponized junk science exposed by Laura @ Fox News; the WH's got Rupert by the short Ones:

Follies Majeur por Monsieur; for your dyspeptic palpitations to ever subside you must Git Sum:

This troika of Bee-Stings points up the realities behind rhetoric, if you've got the stomach for It:

Sorcha give valuable history lessons regarding the track-record of Socialism; good Intel priced Right:

This lake is a dimensional portal; the predominant incoming energies are Unconditional Love= Pink:

Denise LeFay details the Galactic Code Upgrades currently manifesting; Ponderfest:

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