Thursday, June 18, 2020

Disclosure Digest 6-18-20

Mercury Just Went Into Reverse

Back-Up Everything and Buckle UP!

Sandra & Co have a busy weekend coming up; check out the full menu of world-wide Meditations:

In this latest Patricia Cota-Robles message we get another fine take on our current Cosmic Moment:

X22 Dave narrates the current phase of The Great Awakening a.k.a. worldwide Cold Turkey: Oy Vay:

A Q-drop reminder; it's time to brush up on their dark plan as everything they try majorly Backfires:

The Total [DS] disinfo play book in one thread by a very astute Anon: COINTELPRO Grokfest:

Scraping the bottom of the Antifa/BLM pork barrel, meet Raz the Abominator, a truly Sick Puppy:

Today's Essay Corner features two of the best writers I review, Jon Rappoport and Zen Gardner:

The world-wide corona baloney Hoax is being blown wide open by inquiring Brazilian Minds:

Creator gets last-licks again; I know it's becoming a habit and I'm good with that; Ponder On:

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