Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Disclosure Digest 6-30-20

May You Live In 

Shamanic Times!

Get the latest White Wolf Tribe download via Genji and kick back with a Canna-Gummie:

Methinks the DOJ is strong-arming New Jersey 'cause it's slowly cleaning house; Ooorah:

Wealthy St. Louis lawyers under attack by [D] circuit attorney: the 2nd Amendment is under the Gun:

A couple of good Bee-Stings will fix ya right up, like a breath of mask-less air; Git Sum:

Pedowood celebrities be like all Gone: whazzup? Anybody seen or heard from Hanx?

ECETI James gives us a righteous re-cap of latest details of the Divine Plan as they Self-Reveal:

I'm not surprised at the monkey-wrenching, ...it's standard operating procedure for Stump-Trumpers:

Remember 'wild world' by Cat Stevens? Seminal hippy ennui and still relevant Today:

Non-transferable, indelible, eccentrically significant, morally perfect and available in Your Size:

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