Thursday, May 7, 2020

Disclosure Digest 5-8-20

The Intrinsic Emptiness Of The

Galactic Super Moon Follies

A great Rona Rant from ECETI James that just about sums it all up; read this and skip the Rest:

Gov Newsome, Nervous Nancy’e nephew, couldn’t crumble any faster ‘cause of public Outrage:

The Bears! I just love those big, furry, smelly, house defecating forest Omnivores; Kek:

I smell deeply troubling indictments being un-sealed...Major Deferred Boomage ahead, Anons:

From the Good Sisters of the Cosmic Borscht Belt this just in; git sum Sorcha-fest On;

Galactic co-opting of the official narrative; vaccines do sabotage of humanity; this will not Stand:

I was at Woodstock w/then girl friend Annie; shes now a grandma I ain't  got the Rona:

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