Friday, May 15, 2020

Disclosure Digest 5-15-20

Dr. Mengeles Love Child Exposed

Bill Gates may well be the Anti-Christ (currently under house arrest); dastardly deeds Detailed:

Dr. Didier (The Truth) Raoult is the Anti-Fauci who tells it like it is; Didier didn't hang Himself:

Another one bites the dust as crooked Senator Burr is forced to step down; is Feinstein Next?

Sistar Sandra belts out the Ascension Blues in this encore presentation from the Heart of Sedona:

Shifting systems and paradigms is a bitch; Dr. Dave explains what is coming - Git sum

Here it comes, Star Tech to solve; our insoluble planetary dilemmas; Make It So!

A spot-on bulletin from Ten Forward brought to us by Jennifer Crokaert; catch the Wave:

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