Thursday, May 28, 2020

Disclosure Digest 5-28-20

They [DS] Want You Divided,

They Want You Afraid. Q

There are no real enemies out there. Only souls gone astray into the darkness, souls gone blind for a while and souls who forgot their real nature during their temporary trip on Earth. Monica Esqueva

Monica generated this Light-language download for all us Ground Crew; A ponder-fest fer Shure: 

Sheeple Unmasked! A great little red-pill article to share among those just starting to Question:

Still unconvinced? Dive into this deep-dig on Billy-boy's blue-blood, 'death cult' Connections:

Gracee Solaris & The Arcturians; copy/pasta'd off the Ten Forward bulletin board into your Inbox:

Jon disembowels the Cabal fake science/eugenics agenda behind Big Pharma and Corona-Baloney:

Zen Gardner nails it again; we welcome him back to the Light end of the Spectrum; Integrate:

The emerging New World 'economy of prosperity' that the White Hats are unveiling; Git Sum:

Ladies Night in Ten Forward! Git sum Big Momma mike-drops, no cover, no Minimum; it's QTV:

The last few Words rightfully go to Creator who (I have it on good Authority) is a fan of this Blog:

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