Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Disclosure Digest 4-15-20

This Is Prime Time For Doing 

Some Medicine Buddha Practice

Thrangu Rinpoche is one of my special Vajrayanna teachers; the Text is easy, the practice Profound:

Declaration of NESARA/GESARA Coming? Sacha Stone Thinks So! Check this Out:

What a revealing statement from a guy who was Executed last year; Interdasting:

It seems that We the People in Minnesota are fed up with petty fascists denying their intrinsic Rights: 

Mostly a useful repetition of known facts; remember POTUS desire to buy Greenland; Et tu Donnie?

Adrenochrome vampire junkies on parade; folks, it's my duty to tell y'all This shit be Real: 

Alice [HC] under attack? Sometimes teh Truth (&psych meds) blows your Mind: 

Leonard Susskind expounds on The World As Hologram; try sitting again in the lecture hall for This:

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