Thursday, April 2, 2020

AAM: Traversing The Last Sub-Planes Of The Fourth Dimension

Transmitted Via Ronna/Sacred Scribe

On 4-1-20

Beloved masters, you are a White Fire Seed Atom Fragment of God Consciousness.  Your individualized God Seed Atom is the wholeness of your Being within this Sub-Universal experience.  Envision your God Self as a golden sphere of Divine Light that has sent forth many, many Fragments of Itself throughout the many Creations within this Sub-Universe. You are one of those brilliant, shining Fragments. Your GOD SELF or I AM PRESENCE is experiencing many realities at once.  As you move more fully into the entry levels of a Fifth-Dimensional environment, you will begin to experience some bleed-through  telepathic  thought forms, and information from some of your closer, most energetically compatible Higher Selves. You are becoming multidimensional, Spiritual / Human Beings.

You are about to enter a doorway into another reality – a world where special talents and attributes are a normal part of who you are. You are experiencing a physical reality and a non-physical reality at the same time.  You have spent much more time in a non-physical reality than in the physical world.  Earthly existence is merely a moment in time compared to the times spent in the higher realms.

You should not focus on sensationalism or ways to impress people, but ways to assist yourself and others to become more conscious and in control of your own future.  How do you wish to experience the next five or ten years?  How do you envision yourself?  It is time to begin to build your new reality right now, and your Spiritual friends and Higher Self can help you do just that – efficiently, gracefully and in alignment with your greatest good.

Connecting and communicating with your Higher Self, guides and teachers will give you access to new, advanced knowledge and information.  Your sensitivity to energy, inspiration and the subtle voice of Spirit will increase dramatically. Building and perfecting your ability to interact telepathically will change the way you view the world. You will feel more confident and more in control of your destiny.  As you learn to be an observer from a higher vantage point, you will see that these attributes will keep the Love / Light flowing to and through you, for there will be no distortions to slow down the process of mind expansion and Higher Self integration.

It is vitally important that you understand that telepathic communication is not to be taken lightly.  It is not a parlor game or a means to satisfy someone’s curiosity.  We have given the basic instructions and guidelines in our BECOMING A COSMIC TELEPATH STUDY MANUAL.  It outlines the various steps to telepathic communication, and also gives some of  the important rules: what to do and what not to do.  It is vital that you  prepare properly and set the stage for this important facet of Self-mastery, as you strive to create and live in a Fifth-Dimensional environment.

>>  If you wish, you may use your Personal Pyramid for the “developing your telepathic skills sessions” or you can create a special personal Pyramid specifically for this purpose.  When you do so,  ask your guides, teachers and angelic friends to join you there.  Your Personal Pyramids will be composed of the appropriate frequencies and attuned to the specific projects you have in mind.

>>  Remember, you may build as many Fifth-Dimensional Pyramids of Light as you like.  In fact, the more the better, for by doing so, you will draw forth into your Pyramids the appropriate vibrational frequencies and angelic helpers to assist you and support your specific endeavors.

>>  The angelic realm has specialists, just as you do on Earth, angels who personify all of the attributes, virtues and qualities of God Consciousness. They work under the guidance and direction of the archangels of each specific Ray.  You could call them the “Worker Bee Angels.’” There are billions of them, and they are always eager and ready to assist you.

>>  We strongly suggest that you, at least occasionally, visit the higher-dimensional Celestial City of Light that OverLights your area.  We suggest that you regularly go into your personal Pyramid of Light before going to sleep, and then ask to be taken to one of the “Ascension Accelerator Chambers” within the  City of Light when it is appropriate.

>>   Over these many past years, we have endeavored to assist you to connect with, transmute and integrate your Soul Fragments from throughout the Third Dimensional environment, and up through the highest plane of the Fourth Dimension. This process cannot be rushed, so don’t push it, just allow it to happen naturally. The meditations  and exercises we offer are a good opportunity to use your intuitive and inner-sight abilities.  Unless you have been following our teachings for a long time, you may integrate only a small amount of the higher plane, vibrational frequencies in the beginning; however, you will gradually gain the ability to tap into and integrate higher and more refined frequencies. Remember the words of advice we have given:  “Faster or more are not always better.” The journey of Ascension is a gradual ebb and flow of releasing old vibrational patterns to make way for the higher frequencies of Light.  It is an ongoing, never-ending process.

>>   LIGHT has consciousness. Everyone embodies Light to some degree.  It is your Lifeline to the God Source.  In order to traverse the higher realms, it is important that you create an ORB / SPHERE OF LIGHT and protection around yourself.  This will assure your safety and comfort as you become accustomed to the various frequency patterns and more refined vibrational energies.

>>   Just as you should always enclose your Higher Self and consciousness in a SPHERE OF LIGHT when traveling out into the higher dimensions or to the Cities of Light, your orb of Light will also protect you in the physical realm, if you stay focused and centered within your Sacred Heart. It will allow only those frequencies that are beneficial to you to enter your force field.

>>   Become accustomed to having SPIRIT perched on your shoulder and give permission for your guides and teachers to work with you and through you.

>>   Ask while in meditation that your INNER EYE be opened and your intuitive abilities to be enhanced.  Learning to maintain an Alpha level of brain wave consciousness will assist you in this endeavor. You are in the process of unifying the right and left hemispheres of your brain, as well as balancing / harmonizing your masculine and feminine traits, attributes and virtues.

>>   Most Spiritual guides reside and work at a specific inner-dimensional frequency levels of conscious awareness.  As you lift your consciousness and refine your energetic signature, your guides will change.  However, your special GUARDIAN ANGELS will stay with you throughout your many lifetimes, for they are Facets of your Higher OverSoul, and they will accompany you as you move through all your experiences on Earth and beyond.

>>   Be aware that attaining Self-mastery takes effort, will power, perseverance and a commitment to the highest truth and integrity. Once you begin to trust your inner voice and its guidance, positive changes will naturally begin to happen. Miracles, small and large, will become a natural occurrence, and you will learn to maintain an attitude of gratitude. Thanks-giving and forgiveness will become an important part of your daily ritual.

>>   You will gain more insight into the meaning of the tests and challenges before you, and you will learn to not engage in the dramatic, everyday situations, which in the past,  kept you off-balance and confused.  You will learn that in most instances, it is better to stay centered and not try to fix things for everyone around you.

>>   Do not forget that, first, you must focus on the Fragments you have created that are resonating to frequencies patterns that are lower than yours. These lower Fragments are integrated differently than the Facets of your Higher Self. These Fragments, which have been created by your addictions, negative habits and distorted thought forms throughout your many past lifetimes, must be healed and loved free through your positive intentions, actions, changes in attitude and habits. This beginning process is usually what creates all the trials, tests and upheavals within a person’s life, until he / she gradually begin to return to balance and harmony within his / her Third- and lower Fourth-Dimensional world.

>>   When you have transmuted fifty-one percent of your negative karma, you are ready to begin the process of OverSoul / Higher Self integration. At that time, if you stay the course, you will progress very quickly onto the accelerated Path of ascension.

>>   After you have integrated the many Fragments you have created within the Third- and lower-Fourth-Dimensional levels of consciousness – via the three lower chakras of your physical vessel –  the next phase of the Ascension process is when, gradually, the Memory Seed Atoms from your Higher Self -Soul Fragments begin to move into alignment with your column of Light. Each one in turn,  takes up residency within your Eighth Chakra (called your Soul Star).  This Facet of your Being is called the OverSoul,  for it will begin to download and radiate its higher frequency attributes and qualities into your auric field and chakra system.  This reunification process gradually connects you to higher and higher levels of your vaster Higher Self,  as you exchange the many  important Memory Seed Atoms with the many Facets of your Being that you left throughout this Sub-Universe during your journey into density.

My brave Ones, now, more than ever, you have the tools of manifestation at your fingertips. You must step out of your comfort zone and release all that no longer serves your greatest good.  Each of you knows where this applies in your personal life – it has been staring you in the face for months and even years – and will become even more unbearable until you finally relent and release that which is holding you back.  As you become more proficient as inspired co-creators, no longer will you focus your energy on creating the small, mundane desires of the past.

You will have established a constant flow of Adamantine Particles into and throughout your physical vessel, with the remainder flowing out into the world of form. You will have programmed in the smallest detail that which you wish to manifest for your personal comfort and enjoyment. Your constant mantra will be: “All my needs and desires are fulfilled even before I realize what they are, which will always be for my greatest good and the most beneficial good of all.”

You will have meticulously outlined your path of service to humanity, which will be in perfect harmony with your Divine mission for this new era. You will have a constant, clear and beneficial connection with your resident OverSoul-Higher Self, and you will graciously and easily follow the Path of Light that ever winds higher and higher into the more refined realms of existence.  Be assured that I will always guide, direct, inspire and protect you as you journey forth into the unknown.  I radiate the eternal love of our Mother/Father God to each of you. 

I AM Archangel Michael.


Dear friends, our task is to clear and harmonize all of the lower three levels of our personal astral-plane thought patterns so that we may begin to resonate to the Fourth sub-plane of the Fourth Dimension. The Fourth sub-plane of each of the dimension is a transitional plane of consciousness, just as the Heart, the Fourth Chakra, is our physical body Spiritual-bridge to higher consciousness. Archangel Michael tells us "It is a very brave thing to accomplish, when you step outside the negative mass consciousness belief system, and to begin to seek your own illumined truth."

Archangel Michael also has told us, that because of what we are now accomplishing, no other experiment in consciousness will ever allow the StarSeed Souls or any Fragments of God Consciousness to sink into the density of the Third Dimension. Archangel Michael's seventh book, Magic and Majesty  goes in great detail about our transition through Fourth Density back into the Fifth Dimension, and the reconnection with our Spiritual Triad.

We must traverse the higher levels of the Fourth Dimension in order to attain Fifth Dimensional consciousness.. Each dimension consists of Seven Sub-Dimensions: the first being the lowest and the seventh being the highest. The first three lower sub-planes of the Fourth Dimension contain the negative astral plane frequencies, which contain all the negativity of the mass consciousness belief thought forms created by humanity over the many past Ages.      

The three Higher Planes of the Fourth Dimension are where we begin to integrate the remaining Soul Fragments that we created in order to experience the lower Fourth and the Third-Dimensional densities. Our goal is to return each of the lower dimensions ( 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th), to the originally designed Spectrum of Light and Shadow. 

The Fourth Dimension was not designed to be negatively out of balance. Humanity is responsible for the gross negativity that the Third- and Fourth-Dimensional plans contain, and it is our job to return those Dimensions to the appropriate frequencies of Light, so that we may experience polarity and duality in the originally designed Spectrum of Light and Shadow,  as it was designed to be.

Our main goal is to return to an accepted spectrum of duality, whereby our Energetic Signature is vibrating at a harmonious frequency pattern, which is compatible with the mid-Fourth Dimension or higher. This is the required level of harmonious frequencies needed to tap into the power and magic of the transmuting Violet Flame, and to begin to access and use a full measure of the full spectrum, Adamantine Particles of Creator Light.

As we begin to refine the frequency patterns of our Mental Body, we slowly gain access to our Sacred Mind and the treasure chest of higher mental consciousness that is stored therein. Our Sacred Mind and Sacred Heart become unified with our OverSoul-Higher Self, and once again, become the guiding influence in our spiritual quest. 

We become more tolerant of other people’s beliefs, as we learn that there are many paths to follow; however, we are now aware that all paths ultimately lead to the same destination. We learn to be discerning as to what we will accept as our truth, and we only accept those truths that resonate positively within our Sacred Core Being. We begin to expand our horizons of thought, and many of us will develop a desire to learn more about our spiritual origins: why we are on Earth, what is our mission/purpose for this lifetime, and what happens to us after we transcend?

The time to AWAKEN and to become Spiritual/Human Beings has truly begun. We have the option of accepting this challenge with ease and grace or through resistance, chaos and dramatic challenges.  Which do you choose?  Angel blessings, Ronna

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