Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Disclosure Digest 4-7-20

Plutonian Fire Under The Mountain

Dr. Mercola brings us the best Corona Baloney news-flash of the day, IMHO; pass it On:

It’s All About The Children; humanity has been factory farmed for aeons; Basta Finito:

Follies Galore ('cause Pussy Galore dropped body yesterday); X22 Dave, Sorcha and Op-Dis News:

Wanna troll a Chassid? Attack his holy beard....can’t make this stuff up, Folks:

And he’s doing this while out on bail; this man is a full gonzo monster Sociopath:

Jennifer Hoffman graces us with this inspiring story of clearing out the old 3D basement Clutter:

James McConnell channels Ashtar from the Fleet currently midwifing Gaia’s Ascension:

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