Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Disclosure Digest 4-14-20

The Order Of the Day

The 80 minute documentary, Out of Shadows, gets 4+ Million views in just 3 Days; Woof:

X22 Dave gives us the High View of  Q-Patriots Plan for destroying the Cabal; Bingo:

NESARA activations are habbening NOW; please enjoy these controversial mind Droppings

Which Way Are We Going? Insights from Zen Gardner, Cmndr. Ashian and Eckhardt Tolle:

 For those of you with a fondness for red highlighting, here's your double ration of Sorcha-Mania:

Bad Orange Man is at the very primordial root of humor; theater of the absurd, for madmen Only:

One Who Serves comes right out and calls it True, we’re dealing with Mass Black Magic Spells:

Enjoy this Wonderful healing Sounds offering from Jonathan Goldman, Lama Tashi & Sarah Benson:

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