Saturday, September 5, 2015

Living As A Golden Age Citizen ~~ Part 2

Channelled By Kamala Everett and Sharon Rose

"Thank you for choosing to be on Earth during humanity’s ascension into the 5th dimension. The increase in Gamma Rays that are presently entering your planet’s environment are greatly assisting you individually and collectively in opening up some of the dormant packets of information that have been stored in your crystalline DNA since before the fall of Atlantis. The release of these Rays is also accelerating the spin within your electrons, which is assisting you in embodying more of the consciousness of your Presence and more of the 5th dimensional qualities that are preparing you for your ascension. You are more available to reap the rewards of these accelerations the more willing you are to release any 3rd dimensional references you may still be using to define yourself. As these old facets are transformed and lifted out of your limited belief systems, the more available you are to ascend with the Earth, and the easier it will be for you to access the gifts you are here to share in co-creating your next Golden Age."

~ The Council of the Elohim

When you see others with the eyes of your Presence, the more obvious it becomes that all souls are equally Divine and that there are now many in your world who are awakening to the fact that they are here to live as Golden Age citizens to assist in manifesting a new Golden Age. We have observed that it often brings excitement and peace to these awakening souls to be in the company of others who are also experiencing similar awakening experiences. We therefore encourage you to gather with those who are equally focused on what they can do to be living, loving and creating as 5th dimensional citizens who know they are here to assist in manifesting your next Golden Age.

When all of the energy that has previously been focused on supporting the play between the light and dark forces on your planet is released, that energy can then be used to expand and nourish the heart’s greater desire to live in a new age that is centered in Unity Consciousness. The driving force within many souls around your world is presently being focused on how to exit the duality, fear-based play that has been driving the consciousness of your world since the fall of Atlantis. Humankind has now entered a cycle where many are discovering that they must free themselves from the past to make room for the new.

The energy it has taken to support your living in a duality, fear-based world can then be used to create a new Golden Age where humanity can live in peace with one another and be free to focus on what would be best for everyone and for the Earth. As Ascended Masters, we are here to expand the love in your heart and throughout the whole of your being so you can easily return to living in the Oneness you have known in previous Golden Ages.

When a certain percentage of you have lifted your consciousness out of any residual needs to stay attached to your limited 3rd dimensional ways of thinking, feeling and acting, then the collective consciousness of your world can also become more available to align with its potential to move into the 5th dimension. Your dedication to becoming clear of your past is one of the major ways that you can add to the Love and Light of your world while creating more space for everyone to move into the 5th dimension.

Please know that all of the shifts, clearings and inner work you have done over many months and years have all been instrumental in making you more available to act as 5th dimensional Golden Age wayshowers.

You are now entering a new cycle where your new Age will start to be experienced as surely as your sun rises over the horizon every morning. The more you allow yourselves to accept this new heart-centered reality, the sooner you will be able to fully accept who you truly are and why you have chosen to be on the Earth during your Great Shift in the Ages.

When you fully merge with the 5th Dimensional levels of your being, you will transition out of any tendency to be exhausted by the 3rd dimensional demands on your life. Those old ways of being will then be replaced by your deep, heart-felt desire to simply integrate into your next Golden Age with ease, grace and joy.

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