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Energy Update September 2015 ~ Entering The 5th Dimension

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Channelled Via Multi-Dimensional Matt (Kahn) On 9-27-15

12036700_584840608314281_4034318039514433015_nAs we enter 5D consciousness, we have reached a new horizon of possibility, where all previous reference points cannot assist us in dissecting reality into separate categories of polarity.

Instead of feeling sad while hoping to be happy, or even feeling happy, while hoping not to avoid any further sadness, we are neither sad nor happy. In the absence of sensing a high or noticing a low, we have returned to zero point, but without a defining sign of arrival.

Perhaps for you, your entry point has left you without a sense of who you are, including the melting away of each spiritual identity or attribute that your ego spent so much time striving to embody or desperately capture. Maybe there is no sense of where you are in time and space, which can cause you to imagine how you are somewhere far behind wherever you’ve been anticipating to go.

As your experience of emptiness acts a definitive sign that you have exited 3D reality and entered the doorway of unity consciousness, while it may seem underwhelming to some, it is a crucial stage of spiritual growth to help ground you into alignment with your highest spiritual maturity. Instead of fearing being left out or left behind some sort of window of opportunity, it is important to know the true gift that such a shift in consciousness provides.

While many have spent the last 7 years being turned upside down, shaken to your core, and unraveled, the emptying process occurs to clear out your energy field, so you may enter this brand-new frontier of experience completely empty of any previous assumption, belief, or conclusion. It’s as if the Universe is making sure you cannot obscure your view of what is and will continue to unfold. The emptying out, in and of itself, reveals a fiercely compassionate Universe.

It’s an omnipresent reality that will do whatever is required to empty your vessel, ensuring that you will not miss a moment of miraculous grace by having the ammunition to misperceive what will be seen as the most miraculous time in human history.

If you are sitting back with your arms folded, waiting for a cosmic lightshow to prove itself to you, you might find yourself in a stand-off with time, battling the grace of existence with arrows of frustration, confusion, and expectation. For any being inhabiting a body, this particular lifetime is an open-ended opportunity to release the chains of victimhood and not just experience the perfection of life’s Divine plan, but to live out each moment of ascension with the joy, faith, and enthusiasm that so many are reserving to express, once something impressive happens.

While many understand the term “reincarnation” to indicate the journey of a soul through various bodies of incarnation, I’d like to provide another term to help you remember the significance of why we are here during a time of planetary expansion. A few years ago, the Universe taught me a word called “meta-incarnation”. It refers to the quantum understanding that not only have we incarnated many times before, but to also acknowledge how this isn’t the first time each of us have lived out this exact lifetime, as the characters we view ourselves to be.

It’s as if the ascension lifetime is one of the soul’s favorite movies in its cosmic Netflix account. When souls watch movies of lifetimes, they go along for the journey of a main character by incarnating into their world of evolution.

The more times a soul lives out a particular incarnation, the faster they wake up within it. The objective is to be as liberated, boundless, infinite, and immortal as the soul experiences itself within the domain of heaven, while incarnated in form. The deeper a soul wakes up in form, the more the world in view transforms into higher frequencies of light. This may shed greater perspective on why some are so adamant on not wanting to come back.

It is a deep-rooted declaration emanating from the soul, indicating that it has learned and grown from this meta-incarnation, to the point of being ready to move onto greater adventures.

And yet, for those who feel quite done with this ever-looping scenario, I invite you to release yourself from the grip of self-imposed beliefs and declare the absolute Truth of your immortal existence, so you may complete this lifetime as the highest self you’ve always been.

To open up the floodgates to your highest experience throughout a lifetime you’ve successfully completed so many times before, please repeat the following words:

“No matter how I think, feel, act, or perceive reality, I hereby accept that I am the ultimate reality dwelling in the hearts of all that is. I am the light through which all things come to be, as well as the aliveness of being that is already so liberated, I am choosing to experience life as this character, only for the purposes of awakening to transform reality for the well-being of all.

“I no longer wait for anything within or throughout my experience to change, in order to confirm the eternal truth that I AM, I have always been, and shall always be. Despite how I think, feel, or act, I am the immortal reality within it.

“While this body provides me an experience of being the main character within the movie of incarnation, I hereby declare the Truth of my infinite nature and command my reality to confirm this Truth to me now. I am healthy. I am happy. I am abundant. I am free. I am the light. The light I am. May all beings be uplifted, healed, and reborn by the power of my immaculate declaration. And so it is.”

I invite you to take a moment and feel the power within these words. In doing so, you enter the revolutionary part of the love revolution by no longer holding yourself hostage, while waiting for life to rescue you. Instead, you declare the absolute Truth of who you are, as the ultimate reality of all that is, and free yourself through the infinite power of your spoken word.

When I was given the date 9-27-15, it was for the purposes of assigning a marker in time, where the purging and purifying that so many have endured would transition into a period of integration. As this date was given, it was mixed into the other interpretations of ascension to become something else to project anticipate, doubt, hope, and assumptions upon. Soon, many began to wonder if this was the date they’d be leaving the planet, or if it was a confirmation of something catastrophic.

Others used it as opportunities to cast doubt and skepticism, when so many widely-anticipated dates in history have left many scratching their heads instead of opening their hearts.

The truth is, both sides are actually right to a certain degree.

Is there a spiritual significance to this time in history?

Yes. It is a time when awakening individuals hold space for a spiritual evolution unfolding on a global level.

Will something powerful happen on 9-27-15?

Yes. The expansive energies of 5D consciousness that have already entered the atmosphere of the collective consciousness reaches a point of crescendo on 9-27-15 and integrates into the Earth the following day on 9-28-15.

Is 9-27-15 the moment of Ascension?

Ascension is not one moment in time, but a period of spiritual renaissance, where beings that have evolved in consciousness are catapulted into new horizons of experience.

Will all my symptoms and problems instantly dissolve on that day?

As always, life only takes shape and form to provide you with experiences to ensure the evolution of your soul, as you continue to complete this lifetime, but from a higher timeline of perception than any other time of meta-incarnation.

If wishing to accelerate the storyline of incarnation, it is a matter of releasing attachment to outcome and daring to be more loving toward yourself and others. In essence, your evolution accelerates when it no longer matters what happens to you, but only how rooted in your heart you happen to be.

For those who yearn to be rooted in their heart, but fail to act as loving, joyful, and kind as they wish to be, the willingness to relax your body and offer greater emotional support to your less desirable qualities and characteristics releases deep-rooted judgments to allow all aspects of shadow to be as worthy of receiving your light as your most admirable qualities and characteristics.

What can I expect in 5D consciousness?

By its very nature, your entry point into 5D reality is void of any idea, belief, or expectation collected or developed along the way. When in 3D reality, making your way through the 4th dimension and toward the 5th, there are many signs and symptoms you are taught as a way of ensuring you are making your way.

Because 3D and 4D consciousness are rooted in personal will instead of Universal will, faith is given to the expectation of outcome, if without an awareness of the silent eternal force within you that guides your every move and ensures the completion of a journey you have already lived out many times before. This is also why intuition exists. It is the remembrance of what you’ve already played out so many other times that allows an inner knowing to guide you into making decisions contrary to however you lived this lifetime out before.

It’s as if your higher intelligence remembers the decisions you’ve made in the past and encourages you to select more powerful and courageous options, so this adventure of incarnation can be as fresh, unique, and exciting as you’ve intended it to be.

As you evolve in consciousness, your inner knowing replaces a tendency to cling to expectations as an imaginary form of security. In the absence of using any sort of future pending promise to ensure your safety, an awakened being finds safety in being completely open to the equality of all possibilities.

To an awakened being – the notion of “Will I be okay?” isn’t a question or a concern. It’s just an innocent thought passing through the beauty of time and space like the uniqueness of a snowflake drifting through the air.

For those who wish to reclaim their power from the mirage of expectation, and no longer fall victim to the dissatisfying allure of outcomes, it is essential to be as open and empty as possible. This doesn’t mean to get rid of anything or try to hold your body and mind in any particular position.

Instead, it is merely an invitation to breathe in and out as thought, feeling, interactions, and circumstances come to be. When and if the simplicity of this way of being seems overwhelming, it is merely an opportunity to offer greater loving support to your innocence, as you adjust to being empty throughout a world of seemingly endless hunger and desires for gain.

A mantra that can assist you in making peace with the emptying out process of entering 5D consciousness is simple but effective:

“When in doubt – go without.”

No matter how often your ego seems to freak out by not having a passion to pursue, a direction to forge, a battle to win, or an obstacle to overcome, you can best serve the evolution of your consciousness by making your inner and outer realities as simple as possible. This is a time to listen deeply, move softly, speak with gentleness, while greeting each moment as a precious gift of divinity, no matter how hardened, callous, sarcastic, or insensitive anyone seems to be.

In celebration of entering 5D as empty as possible, your external reality is no longer an indication of your evolving consciousness. If anything, the way in which characters behave reflect a way of being that you have outgrown, as you forge a path in an exciting new direction that you cannot fathom, anticipate, avoid, or deny. As you enter 5D consciousness more open, vulnerable, and empty than ever before, you release judgments that resting in nothing means you are deficient or left out in some way.

Soon, you may see that resting as nothing or no one in particular, not even settling for spiritual identities such as “witness” or “self”, allows you to make peace with the spacious aliveness of your infinite eternal being. As you become comfortable and at ease with your natural state of emptiness, which may in the beginning feel flat, desolate, hopeless, and depressing, the faster you advance into stages where joy, passion, synchronicity, abundance, wellness, love, and fulfillment return to your life.

The more heart-centered support and authentic encouragement you offer yourself as emptying out occurs, whether you feel the love or not, invites you through the doorway of unity consciousness to discover a new frontier of reality, while rooted in the most optimal perspective of spiritual maturity.
As 9-27-15 dawns, I invite you to welcome the dawning of 5D consciousness with the peace, simplicity, emptiness, and ease of each passing breath.

May the disappointments of unfulfilled expectations awaken the brightness of your being, where once and for all, you can rejoice in the ecstasy of breathing — with everything to welcome, and nothing to avoid. From one moment to the next, you will always know exactly what needs to be known, but only when it needs to be known. Not sooner, never later, but always at the perfect moment in time.

We’ve already played out the ascension timeline so many times before, and yet, the one thing we have never done is rejoice and celebrate our eternal victory before the final act unfolds. Knowing this, may we explore the adventure of ascension as never before, and allow each step forward to be taken with a heart blown wide open to fate of life’s highest possibility.

It’s already meant to unfold in grand perfection. The question is, are you going to hold your breath and wait, or will you join the cosmic party already in progress.

While a 7-year cycle of healing crisis and tumultuous spiritual growth comes to an end, it ushers in a new paradigm of heart-centered consciousness for those who incarnated to play at full capacity.

Since you are reading these words, it confirms that you are among the courageous and faithful souls who are leading humanity into the unknown only to discover the light of one dancing as the uniqueness of every heart.

As always, it is an honor to serve the evolution of your journey, as we continue our adventure into the most exciting chapters of spiritual evolution. I rejoice in the brightness of your being that now more than ever before has the power to transform all who enter the light of your eternal presence.
Congratulations radiant One. Welcome Home.
Matt Kahn

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