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Archangel Michael: Debunking Current Dis-Information

I'm unfamiliar with the channeller (Clouisosborn) but AAM's voice is unmistakable and the content is consistent with my best information to date...DT

Compiled By Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)

On 9-8-15
Indian in the machine:  I put out a call to channelers to address these 15 question/points… these responses below, are from Archangel Michael, channeled through Clouisosburn  ….fun and sometimes surprising stuff! I will be following up these questions with some more questions that will be posted at As usual, process all this and everything else with your heart.

1. Is Montague Keen accurate in the plans to crash the financial system and are there plans to mess with humanity with multiple disasters? Montague Keen: “The banks have planned their “FALL” for the 23 September.”

Answer 1
This is Archangel Michael. Thank you for engaging with me in this fashion. I am more than happy to answer these questions. Those who have wish to continue the current control system do have plans to create havoc and fear in September. However, all such plans have been stopped by decree from Prime Creator.
2. Are there plans for the light to help humanity with a new financial system in early September? Galactic Federation Of Light On Significant September Changes, And Unlimited Support From Galactics!

Answer 2
There are plans for help with the financial system. The financial system is currently being stabilized by galactics to avoid panic. There will be a switchover to a new gold back system that will allow lightworkers to be funded for their Divine Works. This is to come first. This date will come in September. This date has high potential in the second week of September. You live on a free will planet. Therefore, any one of thousands of individuals must all agree to execute certain procedures in order to “turn on” the system. Just one who does not execute their part of the process will cause a delay. Something as simple as a car that does not start that keeps a person from making a meeting could force a delay. We can only provide probabilities.
3. Is the message in this Archangel Michael channeling, accurate? Archangel Michael On September 28th; ~2.3 Billion People Will Perceive 5D; Gamma Light Affects DNA; The Super Light Body
Answer 3
This statement is mostly true. By the end of the month, approximately 2.3 billion will have perceived 5D. This will happen in waves and will start before September 28.
4. Is earth still in the vicinity of Nibiru and is it feeling any effects from Nibiru like changes in our magnetosphere, and the increases in fireballs, red dust storms, red rain, earthquakes and tectonic stress, as expressed from the Zetas?  Zetas: “The Earth Is Now Trapped In Front Of Planet X”,…Devastation Not Seen In 50000 Years Forthcoming
Answer 4
This is fear propaganda and is not true. There is no planet Nibiru in this dimension.
5. Is humanity going to be visited by beings from Nibiru?
Answer 5
No beings from Nibiru will be visiting at this time on Earth
6. Has our solar system been ‘driven’ to the centre of the universe or multiverse? “The Event” Clue Via “The One”: Earth Will Become Centre Of Universe And Multiverse Earth… Now A Few Steps Away From The Centre Of The Universe? What Is Going On??? Breaking Inter-Galactic News!! Ashtar: Earth Traveling Like Rocket Towards Centre Of Multiverse; Earth Scientists Given Hologram To Look At
Answer 6
The Earth is not traveling toward the center of the universe. This is a distorted message. Distance is an illusion. Earth, however, is now the center of interest in the universe because of the events happening here. As the densest planet in the Universe, interest is high for humanity to break free and join what you call 5d or Christ Consciousness or Unity Consciousness.
7. How extensive is the influence of earthlings, towards all universes?  Mini-Message # 16 – Earth Takes Her Place As the Heart of the Multiverse
Answer 7
Humanity rising into Christ or Unity Consciousness pulls all lower density groups and planets toward Christ or Unity Consciousness. For the Primer Creator, Company of Heaven, and for all who serve by bring light to lower density worlds, this is a cause for great rejoice. To graduate from the lower densities is an accomplishment that is necessary on the Journey of becoming a Co-Creator with the Prime Creator and to ultimately becoming the equal of Prime Creator. The great All That Is, (Prime Creator’s Mother/Father), wishes for humanity to evolve to where we each can join in the adventure of exploring the All That Is in those areas not yet explored. Our experiences on Earth and in the higher planes is our training for this eventuality.
8. Are significant earthquakes as mentioned in this article, accurate in terms of a major New Madrid earthquake starting off a chain reaction of events, that will ‘wake up’ humanity to love? Zeta 2015 Update On World Tectonic Plates: Significant New Madrid Earthquakes Later This Year! Zeta “Exterrestrials” Call Nasa “Desperate” In Attempts To Expain Away Nibiru-Caused Earth Changes
Answer 8
Earthquakes will occur as a natural by-product of physical changes within Earth. These Earthquakes shall be kept to a minimum. Nibiru is not in your dimension / universe and cannot affect the Earth. Please understand that it is counter productive to have large scale fear inducing events during this time of moving towards Divine Love and Unity. All such fear inducing events are not in this timeline. There is only one timeline and it is marching toward Ascension for Earth and for all Earth inhabitants, on and off planet.
9. Is it true, that humanity needs to focus on ley lines to free ourselves from the slavery grid, and if so, what specifically can we do that can have the most effect and on what date do you suggest humanity comes together on this matter? Oh Dear! See Obvious Connection! Compare Worldwide HAARP Map, With Ley Line Map
Answer 9
The ley lines are now active. Earth’s energy grid is active. Humanity should focus on meditation, drinking water, clearing old patterns, eating higher light quotient food (plant based proteins and fruits and nuts), and forgiving those that seek to enslave and control. We become what we focus upon (emphases by ArchAngel Michael). If we focus on fighting those that seek to harm us then we become those who harm others. Allow the dark Ones to feel the Light and Love and they will transform. Send those who seek to enslave Light, Love, and Forgiveness and they shall lose their fear and thus their appetite of lusting after control and power.
10. Are we in the times leading up to a pole shift, and what is your best guidance pertaining to this matter if there is an upcoming pole shift happening soon? Zetas Describe 7 Steps To The Pole Shift, Provide Poleshift Map, And Crucial Research
Answer 10
There will not be a pole shift. The time line that had high probability of a pole shift disappeared after the harmonic convergence meditation and ceremonial activities in 1987.
11. Is it accurate that there is a huge genetic activation in September, as mentioned in this channeling, and if so, could you elaborate on how we can best prepare, both collectively and individually? Archangel Michael On First Wave Of Ascension, And Those Who Stay As World Falls Apart
Answer 11
There will be a huge genetic activation in September. There is no need to prepare other than to state your intentions to gracefully and thankfully accept this gift from Prime Creator. Genetic activations have been occurring for a number of years. When spiritual initiates work on expanding their spirituality and raising their vibration / light quotient through meditation, service to others, stating intentions, disciplining the mind, staying in the now, being thankful, raising vibration, and sending Love and Light and Forgiveness to all, the genetic modifications increase in speed and scope. The impending mass genetic activations is the equivalent of getting a free ride up a few rungs on the spiritual ladder. This will cause many to feel a permanent heart opening and the bliss of Prime Creator’s love. This will cause some to physically ascend to 5d. Depending upon your current frequency, you will have varying experiences that will be perfect for your current state of consciousness (frequency / light quotient).
12. Will people start short circuiting as earth continues to be bathed in ever stronger, gamma radiation… how can earthlings best prepare for these specific gamma radiation surges?
Answer 12
The energies are individually buffered for each individual. There are, literally, teams attached to each incarnated on Earth and the amount of energy given to each is carefully modulated. If you could see interdimensionally, you would be in awe at the attention that each human on earth is given. To answer the question: No. People will not be short circuiting. What will happen is that those people who are strongly attached to the illusions of of their incarnated lives such as their ideas of success, limiting ideas (of religious or scientific dogma, judgments, etc.) may react in unpredictable ways that can include extreme fear, anger and denial.
13. Is this first contact channeling, accurate?
“We come to describe to you what is to occur moments after the “Event”. Part of the excitement we come to share is that we shall appear to millions upon millions even billions of people upon the planet. You will see and experience what you choose to see and experience. We will be experienced by the billions in very individual ways.
If you believe in Mohammed, you will see Mohammed. If you believe in Buddha, you shall see Buddha. If you believe in Jesus, you shall see the Master Jesus return. If you have no awareness of Lady Nada, I will not be visiting at that moment. The celestial skies will be filled with the multi-dimensional selves that you have come to understand for yourselves as well as for all of us.
We have chosen to come in different personality and to bring messages across the world. Those things that have been noted in this group, those things such as the similarity in messages that are being brought are a sign of the times. The similarity in messages presented in different languages around the world. The messages that are from different Masters and through different channels are similar. The Galactics join all those who are bringing you messages.” Breaking!!! “We Shall Appear To Millions, Even Billions Of People Around The Planet
Answer 13
This message is correct. However, please understand that this experience will be appearing only to those who have a genuine belief in these Ascended Masters and Prime Creator or God. Also understand that this experience will occur in a point of no time. During this point of no time, “in the blink of an eye” many minutes or even hours can pass that will allow those that believe this experience to interact as long as they want with those Ascended Beings that they believe in. Those that do not believe will have a different experience unique tailored to their level of consciousness. Only beings who are in service to God will be allowed to communicate with Earth Humans during this event. With over 7 billion incarnated souls on the planet, there will be many different experiences. All experiences are designed to communicate that we live in a Loving Universe, that Prime Creator loves us all and that we have done nothing wrong. Also explained to many is the story of reincarnation and how we use reincarnation to allow us additional chances to learn the lessons that we wanted to learn on Earth and to enjoy the experience of being in a 3d emotional and feeling environment and to enjoy the beauty of Mother Earth and her kingdoms. All will receive the deep Knowing that we are all One with Prime Creator and that to seek to judge others or ourselves is the same as judging Prime Creator. This is the most important lesson to learn.
14, Is there a first wave of ascension happening in the end of September, and is there a possibility for further delay on this matter? First Wave Of Ascension: Covering Earth With Christs!  Mother God: First Wave Of First Wave Is At The Gates… Being 3D Practical Is Harming Your Opportunity To Ascend
Answer 14
There will be a first wave Event (and subsequent waves) that will propel all up the ladder of spirituality. Each wave event will propel more into physical Ascension. There will be no delay since this Event Series is not controlled by those on Earth who wish to delay or deflect. All attempts to delay or deflect have been stopped and will not be allowed upon Decree by Prime Creator.
15, Please comment  on whether or not the Kolbrin bible passage highlighted here, is of any significant, and if so, how so? Kolbrin Prophecy: THE PEOPLE WILL SCATTER IN MADNESS, and will seek refuge within dens of the earth!
Answer 15
As mentioned earlier, some misguided souls will react in unpredictable ways after experiencing the series of Event waves. Some will react in fear. Those who react in fear may choose to hide underground. The responses of 7 billion will be fear on one end of the spectrum to joy and ecstasy on the other end. Many will fall in between. All will have many waves that will allow them to choose service to others, service to Prime Creator and physical Ascension.
Indian in the machine

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