Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Lunar Eclipse: We Are The Flash Of Light We Have Been Waiting For

Channelled By Dana Mrkich On 9-28-15

Depending on which source of alternative media you may have come across over the past few months, increasing in crescendo the past few days, the world was supposed to end the other day (again), or we are about to ascend as a planet into a whole new level of consciousness tomorrow during the Lunar Eclipse, after which the New Earth 'officially' begins. Wow 'officially'! Wow, tomorrow!

I'm the first to love, and talk about, a good old heightened, even pivotal moment in this progressive, constant, evolutionary journey we are all on. There is no doubt whatsoever that any and every astrological alignment and solar flare adds power to the waves of consciousness that are pouring onto this planet right now - waves that are only going to increase in strength for the forseeable future.

What has my bee in a bonnet are these 'this is THE date' predictions, either foretelling the official 'end of the world' or official 'beginning of the world.' They trigger false fear and false hope, and then when those dates pass a lot of people are left feeling deflated, or justified in their 'told ya so'. What an excellent strategy to make people give up on feeling anything is ever going to change. What an excellent tactic to make people feel that all this talk of energy is a load of crap.

I wrote a lot about the end of 2012 in the decade preceding it, in the context of it being the end of a cycle, and beginning of a new cycle. Not an end of world, and not an overnight new one either. A turning point. A crossroads. An opportunity for us to collectively get together in the ethers as we slept at night and decide: which way are we going to go? We had to decide this collectively as a humanity for our continuing existence on this planet, and we have all had to decide this personally as individuals on this planet.

There was a lot of hoopla about that date online, and some feel that is all that it was - created hoopla. Yet, talk to a Mayan elder, as we have had the much appreciated opportunities to do, and their knowing around this time period goes back a lot further than the internet, further back than the creation of computers, television, movies, and books. For them it was never about hoopla, and it was never even truly about that date. They focus on the bigger picture, the big story that was, and the new story we are in now and growing into.

There is a definite difference between when your child is pre 18, and turns 18. Child one minute, adult the next. But you don't go to bed on the eve of their 18th birthday with them looking and sounding one way, and then wake up on their 18th birthday saying "Woah!!! Look at you!" They still look the same, but in your heart you know something has shifted, and it's been shifting for some time - and it will continue shifting more and more every day the further they progress into their adult, autonomous lives.

On one level we need dates. We need big momentous hoopla occasions to mark the close of one chapter, and honour the beginning of another. But when those dates don't deliver what they apparently promised, or provide what we expected, what do we do?? Apparently, if one is to read some of the alternative media articles out there, one simply keeps moving the finishing line. This is kind of the equivalent of saying "Well not much happened that first day of Johnny's 18th. Maybe he didn't really turn 18? Hmm, maybe I got the date wrong? How about we celebrate it next spring and maybe the dramatic change will happen then!"

False fear is an excellent distraction, keeping people worried about what terrible things might be in store.

False hope that an instant or overnight saviour is going to come is an excellent distraction, making sure we keep our power at arm's length, keeping us slightly passive, making sure we don't do too much to play an active role in the physical, tangible creation of a healthier, happier, more conscious and harmonious world.

Some of this false fear and false hope is delivered unintentionally,. However, a lot of it is being generated intentionally and deliberately, both directly by those who seek to keep humanity in shackles, and indirectly, influencing our thoughts, emotions and behaviour in multiple ways so that we essentially keep our own selves shackled.

As this crazy part of our evolutionary journey reaches new vibrational highs with each new day - triggering the release of yet more density, resistance and power struggles, it is so important to know how to connect to that quiet place within and get to know what the following feel like for you:
- 'This is true for me',
- 'This is not true for me',
- 'This feels good for me to do' and
- 'This doesn't feel good for me to do'

Practice with little things that are easy...eg you know that "I love my child more than anything' is true for you. Okay, so get to know from that feeling how 'this feels true for me' feels like in your body. How do your muscles feel? What happens to your heart beat? How does your breathing change? What about your facial expression? Your eye sparkle?

If certain decisions give you a knot in your stomach at the thought of doing something, either the action isn't right for you, or your thought about it isn't right for you. Try changing your thought to a more positive one. If the knot lightens, great, the thought was merely based in fear. If however the knot tightens, it is your body saying "mind, stop trying to coerce me, this action just isn't good for us!"

The exercise above is added here because there is a lot of stuff flying around online these days in both mainstream and alternative news media. Even if you stay away from reading any sort of news or articles, we sometimes can't avoid it - things show up on our news feeds or as we are browsing some other site.

This is what feels true for me right now: Humanity is shifting and awakening, happening to more people, more rapidly every day. Change and transformation are happening as more and more of us experience constant 'vibrational upgrades' and heart openings.  They trigger everything from making healthier choices about what to eat, where to live, what kind of relationships we want around us, and what we feel called to do in terms of work and purpose, to growing awareness about the many aspects of our global systems that have worked against people and planet for a very long time.

There is an increasing tide turning toward demanding a new kind of reality in every life area and going about the business of creating it, doing it, living it, embodying it. It is not about waiting for a savior or so called 'the event', it is about living the new reality right now, as much as you can, in every way you can, in whatever ways you personally feel called to do. As you live and embody your own piece of the puzzle, it inspires people around you to live their own piece of the puzzle.

This sounds all too gradual and tedious, and yep it has been BUT as greater numbers awaken, and as the energies accelerate, the process accelerates. That is, in the past 1 person affected 10, who go on to affect 100. Nowadays, 100,000 are affecting 1 million, who go on to affect 10 million. Quantum leaps. Critical mass. We are the flash of light from the sky we have been waiting for.

And if there is one 'big event' of spectacular beyond our comprehension light waiting for us, then woohoo, bring it on, but in the meantime speculating about dates is diverting our energy from the reality that a MASSIVE amount of light is here right now, more this week than last, and more coming tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that and so on. And you, yes you, are here to DO something with that light, mainly BE who you really are.

Consciousness goes hand in hand with awareness, and so not all of what we are seeing is appearing as 'positive'. We are seeing millenia old corruption and deceit coming out from under the carpet. We are seeing the death throes of old reality ego fighting to hold on to his reign - within us, and thus of course displayed on the world stage because all systems (politics, banking, business, media etc) are ultimately made up of people, all of whom have light surging through them while simultaneously to lesser or greater degrees have the old energy battling to retain power and control. This yuckiness is not a sign that consciousness is not increasing on this planet. It is in fact one of the biggest signs that it is, as all that has existed is now being revealed for all to see. Transparency. Authenticity. Like it or not, ready or not, the good, the bad and the ugly are being made visible. We are all being confronted with all of it.

What feels true and good for me in this moment may be different to what feels true and good for you. Don't let this, or anything you read, distract you from the compass of your own soul. Everything we read, that is read with discernment from a centred, quiet place within, has the opportunity to bring us closer to our own truth. It can contain nuggets of insight that make us feel, yeh, I resonate with that. Or it can contain stuff that makes us feel, wow, I so don't resonate - which just helps us to strengthen our own inner knowing whatever that may be.

So...may this Lunar Eclipse bring you wonderful insights, healing and positive shifts. May it release more of who you are not, and let in more of who you are. But as the Zen saying goes..Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.

The day after the Lunar Eclipse will come, and when you wake up and the world is still turning with all its beauty and yet with still so much pain and ugliness, put on your Star Trooper boots and get to work. Plant some seeds. Spread some love. Refuse to buy into the belief that we are beyond repair, or that the Shift you came here to be part of will never manifest in the way you believed it would. It will, and it is. Play your part. The time is now.

How are you all feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2015.  www.danamrkich.com 

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