Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Kryon - To Be Here Now


Channelled By Lee Carroll

From Kryon Live Channel, "Human Lighthouse Filters"
December 2006 in Newport Beach, CA 

“Dear Spirit, I am alive in the years that will save the Earth, and I am here to make a change on the planet. I hereby drop all the vows that would get in the way of that, for they belong to another consciousness and another energy.

Instead, I renew my vows with the same Akashic energy that took them originally. All of the lifetimes that are now under me are my support. And like a rod of energy that I will put down this line through my own history, I take control of them all now. I will need the help of all the consciousness of these many souls who I was, from the time I first came to this planet.

Together we will create a white light like this planet has never seen. The light of the many me’s, focused through the current me. That’s why I came this time, and that’s why I have existed through the ages—to be here now.”


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