Friday, August 23, 2019

Disclosure Digest 8-23-19


It's Yaweh Or The Highway,

Snip, Snip Goes the Mohel...

An in depth study of the Medical Mafia's 'ritual cheap shot' that’s standard procedure in USA Inc:

Always remember when regarding the Jews, that Khazarian Mafiosi hide behind anti-semitism:

It must be a comfort to know your new $85,000 Benz is fully 're-po ready' from the factory; Yuck

Spend an hour getting the real back story on Global Pedogate with David Icke; grokfest:

Jordan sather sez "Let’s get reptilian, shall we?"; a video from our favorite 'garage journalist':

Here's a cute diagnosis of an affliction that is all too common, bi-coastally speaking; grok sum: 

Teri Wade over at serves up this timely reminder about Team Darks membership:

For the Cabal 'Greenland' represents their highly lucrative, world wide, licit and illicit drug trade:

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