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The Arcturians: Awakening To Planetary Consciousness

Through Suzanne Lie On 8-7-19

A new world is commencing, but the old world has not come into its ending. Therefore, there are two realities (or perhaps many more) that are learning to co-exist within this NOW.

Therefore, the new and the old are rising and ending within the same NOW. Within this now the past and the future are learning to be friends or at least learning how to co-exist.

This co-existence can only be perceived by those who are feeling and responding to the silent inner call that tugs at their heart and mind, but is still a secret to their daily life.

It is only during deep meditation and/or remembered dreams that humanity is beginning to feel that which they cannot see or hear. However, they can “feel” something akin to a whisper that reminds their heart and/or minds that something is changing.

Most do not know what will change, and they do not know how to contain this “new information” that does not seem to fit into their world—YET.

Fortunately, more and more third dimensional humans are feeling an awakening to a component of their deep, inner self that is slowly, or quickly, arising into their dreams, meditations, desires and/or lost memories.

We say “lost memories” meaning that which has occurred in a deep, inner past and/or that which has already occurred in the future. “Occurred in the future?” we hear you say. “How can that be possible?”

Our answer to that question is even more confusing. Our answer is, “The past and the future both exist in the higher fourth and fifth dimensions, in which “time” is known as an illusion of the third dimension.

There are, in fact, many illusions in the third dimension. The “time” and “space” of the third-dimensional reality can be perceived in many different ways from different cultures, times zones, humans and non-human inhabitants of Earth.

For example, in the third-dimensional realities, different people can perceive and/or experience the same thing in many different ways. In fact, many different people will perceive the same person, place and/or event in a very different manner.

For one thing, Third-Dimensionals have the habit of perceiving what they want to see and not perceiving what they are afraid to perceive, rather than focusing on how others may be having their own personal perception of the very same person, place, situation or thing.

Therefore, there are many different perspectives of the same person, place, and/or event, from many different people. Even one’s thoughts may appear to be one thing to each individual, while others will think very differently about the same occurrence.

Since third-dimensional humans may see the same thing from a very different perspective than the person next to them. They may even argue that what they perceived as the right thing, and if others perceived the same situation differently, their perceptions is wrong.

Therefore, we the Arcturians, wish to remind our brave volunteers to take a third-dimensional earth vessel that perceptions are perceived through the “eyes of the beholder.” Therefore, two different people can perceive the same event and experience in a very different manner.

A possible solution for this controversy of, “How do individual perceptions fit into the whole?” is to perceive reality as similar to a jigsaw puzzle. If each person is like a “puzzle piece” in the huge “puzzle of third/fourth-dimensional reality” each person can be honored as a component of the whole.
Just as each “puzzle piece” is slightly or greatly different, people are slightly or very different. However, each person is a vital component of the “puzzle of reality in the third/fourth dimension.

What if you worked for a very long time on putting together your new jigsaw puzzle, then someone bumped into the table and scattered the puzzle into many unconnected pieces of the whole, which was just starting to “fit together?”

This event often occurs in your daily life. You almost have something completed enough that you can clearly see the “picture” that has been arising in your mind, then something happens to scatter the different elements that were just beginning to come together to create the cohesive whole.

Yes, finding and living within the cohesive whole is one of humanity’s great challenges. The “cohesive whole” represents the components of reality that have learned to exist in unity.

A cohesive whole allows each individual perception to be accepted and brought into the ONE, where whatever messages they receive and share is intertwined into the composite of the whole. In other words, a piece of the “puzzle of life,” has united with other pieces of the puzzle of third-dimensional life.

This growing “unity” allows others to follow the version of their inner and higher SELF’s version of reality, while they simultaneously feel free to share their “individual perspective” with the greater perspective of the whole.

Therefore, the composite of the may personal perceptions can blend into the ONE in which all that is individual and different can be accepted and united with the ONE of the ever-growing “Unity Consciousness,”

Unity Consciousness does not mean that everyone thinks and/or shares, the same thing. Unity Consciousness means, at least in this case, that Acceptance of Individuality is the creator of long-lasting Unity.

In other words, if there was no individuality, unity would not grow and expand. In fact, is the acceptance and willingness to understand, and perhaps even embrace, that which seems new and different, but can still be embraced and understood by all who take the time to accept the process of allowing the unknown to awaken you to that which is now becoming “known.”

The “Whole” is one in which each person is simultaneously a member of the ONE, as well as an individual searching for, and helpfully finding their own Personal Perspective of a Collective experience and/or reality.

Collective experiences are often the format for a deeper sense of Unity Consciousness, in which Gaia—Planet Earth—is perceived as a VERY important member of this Unity Consciousness. In fact, this Unity Consciousness becomes Planetary Consciousness when Gaia become the “core” of the “we the members of Earth.”

Yes, humanity shares the joys and responsibilities of protecting and caring for the planet on which everyone lives. This thought brings up the question of, “How is Earth Consciousness the same and/or different from Unity Consciousness?”

Unfortunately, the unity of consciousness for all the beings on Gaia has yet to occur. However, this “Planetary Unity Consciousness” is necessary to achieve Planetary Ascension.

Just as many people working together in harmony can “get the job done” in your third dimensional, physical world, working together as ONE will be necessary for humanity to experience Planetary Ascension.

By “Planetary Ascension” we mean that Gaia and all of Her inhabitants, beings, humans, elementals and higher dimensional “protectors of Gaia” will gradually, or suddenly, transmute into the fifth-dimensional frequency of reality.

However, as the third/fourth and fifth dimensions of Gaia merge into ONE—will humanity be able to perceive that that “Reality” is “real?” Or, will humans doubt their own perceptions and doubt themselves for having those perceptions?

This question is important to answer as doubt is one of humanity’s enemies. Doubt tends to lower one’s self-esteem or delay a process that is best addressed within the NOW. Doubt is a silent voice that says, “Are you sure?” Are you sure you are “good enough,” “strong enough,” and “smart enough?”

The problem with the above questions is that the mere asking of these questions tells your self that you doubt your self. Or, worse yet that you doubt your own Higher SELF. Doubt is often the fear of “Am I good enough?” However, as soon as one asks themselves that question, they have allowed doubt to walk beside them.

We, the Arcturians, wish to remind you that there are many other companions with whom you find and walk your Path. By “your path” we mean the Path that you chose to take before you took this incarnation. Too often the reason why people do NOT walk their Path is because they think that they are “not good enough.”

Our answer to that “excuse” is, “If you have not tried to walk that Path, how can you determine whether or not you are “good enough.” In fact, we Arcturians KNOW “good enough” is within all humans.

Some times, in fact too often, humans have been told by parents, bosses and other humans who feel so bad about themselves that they must try to lower others rather than expand themselves. Please note that these lost ones have no power of their own as they have been busy trying to take others down rather than improving their own self.

However, those who take down others In order to try and raise themselves, are truly the most lost ones. Because they cannot look into themselves to find their own inner truth, they try to stop others from doing what they cannot do. Unfortunately, some of these people become leaders.

However, these lost ones are very poor leaders, as they have not yet learned how to lead themselves onto the very pathways that they say they are leading others. However, leadership is not something to talk about.

Leadership is something that one does. In fact, the best leaders take their own time and effort to assist others to remember how they can be better leaders within themselves. Therefore, the best leaders or those who are focused on the big picture of “How can we assist Gaia who has been gravely wounded by Her human inhabitants?”

A true leader does not care about fame. Instead, they care about other beings and their own dear planet Earth. Earth has been greatly wounded by human again and again. Why would one want to harm the place on which they live?

That is a short question which can only be answered by long, and thoughtful answers. However, it is often more important to ponder the solution first, and address the cause when you are ready to give your service. In order to the fix that which is broken, whether it is a person or a system, or both, one must also look deeply into themselves.

The NOW for saving Gaia is HERE and humans, especially the greedy and/or unawake, need to remember that Gaia is their home. If they allow their home to be continually harmed by those who are selfish and self-absorbed, it is the good people that only want to have a good life and raise a loving family that will suffer.

The misguided leaders have their “escape spaces” set up and ready to run away to them if there is an emergency. Fortunately, even though the weak leader may wish to run away from the mess that they have created, the Galactics are over-lighting Gaia, as well as ALL of Gaia’s beings.

It is the NOW that humanity attends to the needs of their dear planet Gaia!

What will you do today to assist Gaia?

 We would love to hear your answer,
Your Arcturian Family

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  1. I see everything living on Gaia as precious with a meaningful existence. I will respect it with love and gratitude.