Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Disclosure Digest 8-25-19

More Incoming...

From our We-Have-Met-The-Enemy-And-He/She/It-Is-Us File for your consideration:

From deep in the bowels of LaLa Land comes another minor outbreak of Celebrifilia in So Cal;

While we're unmasking celebrities why leave the Obamas out; Michael lets it all hang out; ahem:

The Pedogate Follies are just ramping up to Ludicrous speed; Gaia needs us to clear these energies:

Galactic societal models exist where individual sovereignty is upheld; just ask the neighbors:

How about Federal Judges with a conscience? In our new meritocracy this will be commonplace:

Sorcha does a good job exposing the new 'Amazon Forest Fires “Lungs Of The World” Hoax; 

Finally, the 'real' climate science is reaching We The People and the [DS] is cross-eyed over it:

I like this channelling so here you go; a shout-out and thanks to Suzanne at GAoG for the paste-up

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