Friday, August 30, 2019

Disclosure Digest 8-30-19

A Cheerful New Moon To Ya!

We open this New Moon Day with Sandra Walters latest download from the road; Grok on:

Let's calm things down a bit with these Words of Wisdom from Creator; Easy Does It:

“President Q, China and The Cisco Kid” KP grudgingly posts juicy stuff now and again:

X22 Report on 'The Chosen One' et al; Dave is one of the best Great Awakening analysts out there:

This vintage Great Awakening video from JoeM clearly presents The Great Awakening paradigm:

Grey Panthers have experienced paroxysmal spasms of mirth upon reading this news piece: git sum:

Disney's gone to the Dark Side yet the Star Wars Galactic View remains largely unsullied;

We love Sara Carter at this blog; she's got the ear of Q+ and is a Trusted Scribe and LSM Survivor:

Feeling slightly yucky after reading the above? Kuan Yin's got the remedy; read on, Pilgrim:

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