Friday, August 23, 2019

Disclosure Digest 8-22-19

The World Wide Meme Fest Has Begun!

Please enjoy Meme Mania via Karpe Donktum - hilarious Memefest with great music; Git Sum:

It’s a good thing to support The Epoch Times, old fashioned, truthful reporting; Ayup:

My minds eye tells me that being terraformed must look something like this from the planet's surface:

Jon Rappoport does yeoman service by bringing this insanity into clear focus; git sum:

Gigglefest from the Babylon Bee folks for your amusement; satire is endangered but not yet extinct:

It's time to seriously consider revoking the state charters of sociopathic corporations; listening Q+?:

The licit and illicit drug pushers afflicting humanity all work for the same Cabal controllers; Basta:

Jordan covers the LSM attempts to discredit Alt-media and Qanon; he's drawing flak over the target:

This Comedy Master still haunts the eerily vacant, formerly prosperous malls of Amerika; George!:

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