Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Disclosure Digest 8-5-19

Oy, Another Monday

So Soon Already...

The August hit from Patricia Cota-Robles is for all you recovering Catholics out there:

Tulsi Gabbard may well be a White Hat 'sleeper' in service to the Warrior Aspect of the Goddess:

Vox Populi wages in on self-destruction and just who out there is actively promoting it; grok on:

Visual confirmation of an American crop rectangle; a Heart of Compassion etched into a corn field:

Lame Stream goes main stream; Yo, Q+ wazzup? Now everybody will be using this cute tag:

Are we really surprised to find out the hard truths about Saintly Mother Theresa? Dark to Light:

New Stargates, the Lion's Gate and the August Shifts courtesy of Sandra Walter, O.L.M.S.:

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