Saturday, August 10, 2019

Disclosure Digest 8-10-19

 Manhattan Is Another Epstein Island,

Enjoy The Show Folks


This well respected Anon opines on the Epstein Movie we are all watching; well grokked scenario:

Jordan Sather chimes in on the Farce Du Jour as it unfolds; you're gonna need lots of popcorn:

And hit he was, according to the LameStream Media; I wonder who collected the bounty:

Dave, of X22 Report fame, does a deep dive on the recent false flags so git yer Bitchute on right now:

'The Gulag: America's Moral Cancer' is spread by Admiralty Lawlessness and privatized prisons:

And I thought the traditional 9 to 5 wage-slave job was comprehensive 'hubby day care'; go figure:

Weaponized 5G will not be allowed yet proponents are unwittingly helping the Sheeple to awaken:
The Hidden Truth; This money funds new jobs in the SSP Asteroid Belt colonies: think Total Recall:

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